Monday, September 12, 2011

Constructive Criticism

I've always felt that, as awkward as it can be to point out a mistake or have a mistake pointed out, it is better to have it pointed out than to have it go unnoticed for some indefinite amount of time. I was taught, through life experience and possibly my mother, that it's what friends do, or in my mom's case, she'd lick her thumb and rub the spot right off my face. Recently I pointed out a crumb in a friend's beard and he laughingly joked that it's what beards are for, after all, saving some for later. He wiped the crumb away and I, his friend who cares about him, crumb or not, was the only one to know. I only recently encountered a differing opinion, that if someone has his fly down and finds out for himself, he might believe that he is the only one to have noticed and feel lucky (this is only the example provided to me). I guess this is just another time when I find that I can't really understand certain different perspectives - perhaps this friend is an optimist (if he didn't notice, nobody else probably noticed) where I am a pessimist (who knows how many people noticed before I noticed!) but, dang, I'm glad that my criticism did not meet a more negative reaction. I don't ever want someone to feel bad because I am an eagle eye when it comes to grammatical errors, beard crumbs, and lazy flies.

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