Friday, July 8, 2011

Because life isn't all about work:

Sometimes I get so focused on certain things that I forget to share the super awesome things that happen in my life. I forget to share about the things I love, the adventures I have, the things I create, and just how great my friends are.

Here are some things I should have shared:

1. I went to Los Angeles and had a super great time, couch surfing for the first time (instead of just hosting) and I really want to go to the Museum of Jurassic Technology when I'm back in September for my friend Miss M's wedding.

2. I went to Fairbanks TWICE in May. Once for my political junkie business and another time I also went to Denali (National Park) as a chaperone for a field trip. I was one of two adults accompanying 6 14 year olds. They were really good. It was beautiful and wonderful. Fairbanks could grow on me, but I'm not ready for that kind of winter.

3. I went to Haines Brew Fest for the second year in a row and it was at least as awesome as the first time, if not boasting some things that were a little more awesome. I'm even okay with it being sort of rainy. I didn't get to spend an extra quiet day in Haines, which is probably for the best, since last year I started thinking about moving there.

4. I've already been to two weddings this summer and it is lovely because they are really in love and great for each other. I am THIS CLOSE to becoming a wedding crier because they are just so damn tender.

5. I went to Oregon for a weekend because one of my younger sisters graduated high school. She's super awesome. I am not surprised, I guess, but I am proud.

6. I visited Gustavus, Alaska and Glacier Bay National Park earlier this week. I did some hiking and wore a hole in my xtra-tufs after a couple years of wear. I'd be upset if I weren't also a little proud of having worn those boots often and hard enough to get a hole in them. Extra points for hiking a muddy, wet trail with traces of bear scat when it happened.

7. I give really good relationship advice and most of the time I can make people laugh in the process. I kind of hope I am good at relationships, but it's always harder to do everything right.

8. Juneau Roller Girls had their (our?) first bout this last weekend and it was amaaaaazing. I'm so proud of those women who got out there on their skates and played hard and left with bruises but a lot of pride and glowing with excitement. I made a sign for my derby wife. She's amazing.

9. I am getting a typewriter because a friend and I want to make zines. Sometimes I start projects and don't finish them, but in general I'm a creative person and have to get it out somehow. Maybe working with other creative people will provide the motivation I need.

10. Juneau has had some fun live music and I continue to do a lot of awesome dancing. Sometimes, like when I'm supposed to be dancing all sexy or something at a club, I can be a little awkward, but in reality, I'm a pretty good dancer. I most enjoy dancing to more country/bluegrass/mountain/blues/swingy music, where you have a dance partner and you twirl and twist and you interact in a way that doesn't potentially involve a boner rubbing against your butt. Awkward. My friend Mr. J is one of my favorite dance partners. A lot of my male friends aren't that into dancing and it's a real shame. One night I was asked to dance by a guy in Juneau for an internship, he didn't know what he was doing at all, so I was trying to teach him by leading from the ladies' position. Apparently I made him look like he knew what he was doing, which means that I totally kick ass.

11. I've hosted a lot of couch surfers, including during Folk Fest and other fun times. I really love participating in couch surfing and feel like I've had a ton of really great experiences. The Gustavus trip actually involved my roommate and our couch surfer taking the ferry over and camping.

12. Community is awesome. I love how much people care about other people around here.

13. A friend of mine is a boat captain, currently with a tourist company, and he hooked me up with a comp whale watching tour today. I didn't see bubble net feeding, but I did see a lot of whale action out in the channel/Lynn Canal and it was awesome.

14. Despite the fact that I don't currently have my awesome job, I feel like I've had really good luck lately. I have great friends and things are mostly going really well. It is almost surreal how easy it is to just be happy and having fun.

15. I'm kind of neurotic about numbers and had to include a number after 14, it doesn't greatly affect my life, but sometimes it has a surprising affect on certain decisions because I feel like I need to adjust my behavior or actions to make sure that numbers are square or round or multiples of three or whatever weird nonsense. I think people still like me despite these quirks. I was talking to my friend today about little quirks and idiosyncrasies and how, in relationships, if they are tolerable it doesn't matter if they are noticeable. That's probably a really good thing.

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