Monday, March 7, 2011

A more current update

The last time I wrote, Juneau had provided a little something: a job, temporary in nature but with potential. Whether it was timing or lack of funding or some other issue, the potential was not realized and I was again in a panic over whether I could pull things together. I had applied for some other jobs, but I had grown pretty despondent, with every job boasting ridiculous competition. I applied for jobs for which I was a shoe in, but it wasn't until I applied at an actual shoe store (my favorite) that I had any luck at all. Politics was a miss, an organization I had worked for before was a no go, things were looking woefully bad. But then I got hired to be a sales gal at the shoe store and things were looking up. At the same time I had an interview and later a second interview at an organization that provides educational resources. I knew who my competition was in this case and I was pretty convinced that the competition was too steep. But somehow I got the job (maybe that dabbling in graphic design was worth something after all). So I am now gainfully employed doing things I enjoy. I have joined the ranks of some of the other bloggers I read and am now working in the marketing/pr/communications field!

I think I had felt like I was going to be stuck in admin forever, babysitting print jobs, sending mailings, taking notes at meetings, running errands and filing. Thank goodness for this, it is a major boost of confidence and it is perfect for me. I will get to WRITE and I will get to create and sure I may also have to keep an eye on some print jobs and do some other things that are less than thrilling but I also get to do things, real things, and have a little ownership. The woman I work with directly is fantastic, a sassy New Yorker originally and she is very straight forward in a good way. The rest of the organization is full of really nice people. Also, the organization is essentially run by women; the executive director, CFO, program officers, almost everyone in an upper level position is a woman. Not that I am a weirdo man-hater, but it is refreshing. It's also notable that the organization is successful - it is expanding and growing and improving! I've seen other non-profit organizations struggle, while this one excels. It is also notable that people stay in the organization, they are happy there and there is room for growth and for people to take on projects and do great things.

If you can't tell, I'm really excited.

I'm also excited that I get a discount on shoes since I have already spent more money than I will admit publicly on shoes from this shop.

I'm also excited to be going on vacation shortly. I'll be seeing some old friends from some different times in my life, all in Los Angeles.

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