Monday, March 14, 2011

Life Decisions

1st: Watch Iron Jawed Angels.

I'm not one to get emotional over a film, but I definitely shed a tear, felt my gut clench, and noticed my heart speeding up as I followed the ups and downs of this film. The fight for women's suffrage was one in which many women made great sacrifices and it makes me feel even more strongly about my involvement in politics and women's issues. We can't stop fighting or we'll start to see our rights taken from us.

After watching that, seeing the sacrifices and difficult decisions these women made so selflessly, it sounds pretty whiny of me to talk about the decisions I deem tough in my everyday life. Right now, I have to make certain decisions about my commitments and my priorities and it is hard. I love my new job and I love the promise it brings. It has made me happy like almost nothing else has in the past couple years. It is part of my promise to myself that I will develop my career and be independent and self sufficient, so how can I still wonder what the right decision might be when it comes to making sacrifices. Something has to be given up. What they say about not being able to have your cake and eat it, too (eat your cake and have it, too) is coming into play in my life.

What do I give up and who is hurt by it? I've eased away from disclosing much that is really personal in this blog, some feigned attempt at privacy while still allowing myself a platform from which to wave my not-quite-dirty-but-worn-laundry. I'm afraid that the decision I must make right now involves hurting someone's feelings or making compromises in my career. Is there a middle ground?

Tune in next time, kids, for word on the decisions I make and the damages dealt.

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