Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The three and a half year itch

In high school physical education, we had a swimming segment, in which one of the tests was how long each student could tread water. I have no idea how long I was able to tread water in that pool, but I know that I've been treading water, metaphorically, in Juneau for about three and a half years. And I'm exhausted.

For almost the first whole year I worked a job I didn't much care for that in no way fit into my greater life goals. For the two and a half years since, I have been working various temporary positions, I've tended bar, I've worked campaigns, I've done administrative work and I've done retail. I've boozed and schmoozed and I know EVERYONE. It's frightening how many people I know and how well I know them.

For all that, for all the "dues paid" and all the entry level work I've done. For all the friends I've made and all the volunteering I've done. NOTHING. I've triply paid those dues, but I'm still lucky to get interviews for entry level positions. I've been turned down for interviews for positions that ask only for a high school diploma and 6 months experience. Really?

I have great friends here and it is beautiful, but my foot has been in the door for years and all Juneau does is slam the door on it. Repeatedly.

It's time. If I'm going to be temping and eating rice and beans for every meal, why not do it in a new place where I don't feel like it's a personal insult?

So, where should I go? I'm taking suggestions.