Sunday, November 21, 2010

Post Election Blues

I know, I know. I'm a liberal in a wacky conservative state. What did I expect?

We lost, we all lost. The only consolation, and it is a small one, is that the Teabagger candidate Joe Miller didn't win. Everyone in Alaska seems to be saying "Yeah, we're satisfied with mediocrity."

I drank a bottle of champagne watching the results and yelled obscenities at the television screen. Don't worry. That was the worst of it.

Then I spent a day or two not talking to pretty much anyone. I did manage to accidentally threaten a stranger in Tennessee with death because my friend Miss C must have changed her phone number. Seems people who have never met me and have no idea who I am don't quite grasp my sense of humor. The funny thing was, after I apologized profusely for my joking death threat, he asked if he could text me. Any good relationship starts with death threats, that's what I always say.

Then I started hanging out with people again, just a little. I am unemployed now, so I can't be super social unless it is free and doesn't involve spending money, which makes going out to the bars a little dull. I have been baking a lot of scones and most recently some carrot cupcakes.

I went to Las Vegas and met up with Mr. CP and for a night also Miss B and Mr. K, who were on their great American road trip a la Kerouac but with fewer drugs, I suppose. It was a lovely trip which included a trip to Hoover Dam, setting foot in Arizona (Nevada and Arizona are two states to add to my list), a Cirque du Soleil performance - Mystere, and a performance of the Blue Man Group. We also had a super fancy dinner at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, who is this amazing, award winning French Chef with 3 star restaurants through out the world, though this was one of the slightly less fancy restaurants at only 1 Michelin star, which is still pretty spectacular.

I've been applying to jobs, but rather selectively. I suppose I ought to cast a wide net and then I can pick and choose, but I don't tend to like to go to the trouble of writing cover letters for jobs I don't particularly want. I am currently guest bar tending at the Rendezvous, where I worked in Summer of '08. It's now Sunday afternoon and I've had about 5 customers. It's also already dark. Winter in Juneau has its ups and downs.

I have a new roommate starting at the beginning of November, he's the male version of me, perhaps. A politics geek with a sarcastic and sometimes inappropriate sense of humor. Sometimes we sit and watch weird indie films or documentary films.

So, there's life. It's not too bad, except for concerns about paying bills. It may not sound particularly optimistic, but my thought is that I've never been homeless or hungry yet, so I doubt it will hit now.