Monday, July 19, 2010


I've been right here this whole time. I haven't gone anywhere. I haven't moved to Haines or DC or San Francisco. I haven't moved apartments, I haven't made any giant life changes. I'm still here and still entrenched in my quarter-life crisis.

My life hasn't been completely dull, but what may be some of the juicier details about my life, I can't bring myself to actually share on this oh-so-open forum. You guys, it's a secret! It only adds to my confusion about what to do and where to go, though. And eventually I'll figure it out.

After taking leave for so long, I won't leave you with only this vague and uninteresting post, I'll tell you about what is interesting about my life: 8 wheels.

That's right, roller skating! I may be the clumsiest thing on 8 wheels, but damn it, I am skating. I feel like I start from scratch most every day that I skate, but by the end of each practice I am improved. I even skated with a hangover this Sunday, making almost 25 feel like old age since I can't drink as I did in college and face no consequences. I guess, really, it's not that interesting since I am terrible at skating and really haven't done anything interesting, but in case you were wondering, I'm totally cool for being involved in Roller Derby, even if I wind up being the badass-est towel girl on 8 wheels.

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