Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hipster Cred

I may be self loathing, but I'm honest: I'm kind of a hipster.

I have thick framed glasses and bangs, I have a quirky sense of style and I listen to indie music. I avoid pop-lit like it might kill me. I really want a mac (I'm too poor to actually have one). I own one of those checked scarves that are common in the Middle East and I wear it around my neck. I have two pairs of converse sneakers and wear skinny jeans. I read webcomics and graphic novels. I have tattoos and stretched lobe piercings and my rook pierced. I went to a liberal arts college. I owned a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer knock-offs until they broke. I make comics. I want to learn to play upright bass and be in a bluegrass inspired band. I drink PBR sometimes.

A couple friends of mine recently discovered Stuff White People Like and were trying to describe it. I looked at the guy to my right, a friend of mine, and declared that I was the poster child for Stuff White People Like and that's part of why I find it so hilarious. I also accused my friend of being, likewise, a poster child for the type of white person being described. He tried to deny it, citing his hatred of Ray-Ban Wayfarers, but it was a weak defense.

As we were all attempting to leave my friend's apartment after drinking PBR and talking about all this hipster crap, he handed me his ear-buds and requested that I listen to this new song by this band that he was sure I would know.

Holy shit, I had to defend my hipster cred. If I didn't know who this band was, I was going to be embarrassed. I don't know why, it's not a big deal, but I felt this pressure - I needed to know who it was and I needed to not say the wrong thing. "Uh, it sounds like the New Pornographers." Bingo. I was correct. It didn't just sound like the New Pornographers, it was, in fact, the New Pornographers. SAVED.

Lucky me, the New Pornographers have been part of my music collection for a couple years at least, I also have music from the solo projects of A.C. Newman and Neko Case. But ask me about someone brand new - I don't have a clue. I'll admit that when it comes to music I have hipster taste but I don't have the hipster habit of keeping up with what's new and exciting. How I get music is less and less a secret: I receive "donations" of music from guys I date or guys I have a crush on (sometimes in part for their music collections). My music collection is a conglomeration of the musical tastes of this guy in college, this guy I had a brief fling with one winter, my first love, and hopefully I'll have some new music soon.

Monday, July 19, 2010


I've been right here this whole time. I haven't gone anywhere. I haven't moved to Haines or DC or San Francisco. I haven't moved apartments, I haven't made any giant life changes. I'm still here and still entrenched in my quarter-life crisis.

My life hasn't been completely dull, but what may be some of the juicier details about my life, I can't bring myself to actually share on this oh-so-open forum. You guys, it's a secret! It only adds to my confusion about what to do and where to go, though. And eventually I'll figure it out.

After taking leave for so long, I won't leave you with only this vague and uninteresting post, I'll tell you about what is interesting about my life: 8 wheels.

That's right, roller skating! I may be the clumsiest thing on 8 wheels, but damn it, I am skating. I feel like I start from scratch most every day that I skate, but by the end of each practice I am improved. I even skated with a hangover this Sunday, making almost 25 feel like old age since I can't drink as I did in college and face no consequences. I guess, really, it's not that interesting since I am terrible at skating and really haven't done anything interesting, but in case you were wondering, I'm totally cool for being involved in Roller Derby, even if I wind up being the badass-est towel girl on 8 wheels.