Monday, June 7, 2010

Three Options

I'm giving myself THREE options. I must make up my mind by the end of the month (which means I had better get my life organized).

1) Stay in Juneau (or move to Haines) - this is the cost effective, safe option. I will stay here if I get a job in Juneau or one or two of the jobs I applied for in Haines. So far I haven't heard back about the really cool job in Haines, so I have a feeling that's not going to pan out, so the other one probably won't be worth doing either. I did apply for a job here in Juneau that would be really good for me, so if I get that, it is probably enough to keep me here. But if I don't get a job here at all, then I'm kind of tired of trying to piece things together with multiple part-time jobs. I need something more.

2) Move to San Francisco (more likely the East Bay) - I have family in the Bay Area, my dad and step-mom, aunts, uncles and grandparents, cousins and who knows who else. They may not all be in the position to help me, but I know I could crash at one of my Aunt's houses and I am sure that I could receive some financial help should the need arise. The job market for San Francisco was #14 on a list, but it wasn't that long a list, so I don't think that makes it the easiest place to find a job. I have heard it is easier to find a job once you live someplace, something that might well be true. A friend of mine declared that I absolutely should not leave Alaska because he came back because he couldn't find a job in the Bay Area. We have different backgrounds, but that wasn't the most welcoming news.

3) Move to Washington, DC - DC is listed as having the number one job market, it is where many non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations and, hell, even government has their headquarters located. It's a thriving city with lots of young people and, apparently, a pretty good chance that I'll find a job that suits me. I know some people in the DC area, though I think it might be putting a bit more pressure or stress on these people than on the family in the Bay Area. Also, the weather is shit. But I would have a good chance at getting a job, according to news sources and I have some good friends and some decent connections over there.

So, if you read this, what is your opinion?

Juneau? California? Washington, DC?

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