Monday, June 7, 2010

Three Options

I'm giving myself THREE options. I must make up my mind by the end of the month (which means I had better get my life organized).

1) Stay in Juneau (or move to Haines) - this is the cost effective, safe option. I will stay here if I get a job in Juneau or one or two of the jobs I applied for in Haines. So far I haven't heard back about the really cool job in Haines, so I have a feeling that's not going to pan out, so the other one probably won't be worth doing either. I did apply for a job here in Juneau that would be really good for me, so if I get that, it is probably enough to keep me here. But if I don't get a job here at all, then I'm kind of tired of trying to piece things together with multiple part-time jobs. I need something more.

2) Move to San Francisco (more likely the East Bay) - I have family in the Bay Area, my dad and step-mom, aunts, uncles and grandparents, cousins and who knows who else. They may not all be in the position to help me, but I know I could crash at one of my Aunt's houses and I am sure that I could receive some financial help should the need arise. The job market for San Francisco was #14 on a list, but it wasn't that long a list, so I don't think that makes it the easiest place to find a job. I have heard it is easier to find a job once you live someplace, something that might well be true. A friend of mine declared that I absolutely should not leave Alaska because he came back because he couldn't find a job in the Bay Area. We have different backgrounds, but that wasn't the most welcoming news.

3) Move to Washington, DC - DC is listed as having the number one job market, it is where many non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations and, hell, even government has their headquarters located. It's a thriving city with lots of young people and, apparently, a pretty good chance that I'll find a job that suits me. I know some people in the DC area, though I think it might be putting a bit more pressure or stress on these people than on the family in the Bay Area. Also, the weather is shit. But I would have a good chance at getting a job, according to news sources and I have some good friends and some decent connections over there.

So, if you read this, what is your opinion?

Juneau? California? Washington, DC?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vacation Tally

January 1st through 22nd - Oregon and Mexico
February 26th through March 1st - San Francisco
May 1st through 17th - Oregon
May 28th through 31st - Haines, Alaska

It's been quite the first half of the year.

I was in Haines, Alaska this past weekend for the annual Brew Fest, known also with less brevity as the Alaska Craft Beer and Home Brew Festival. It was glorious.

There is not much point in going into great detail about what went on, you can probably guess: Friday night we ferried over and had fun and drinks and danced at the local bars. Saturday we got up and started drinking again, there was a lot of hula hooping going on, I had breakfast with some friends with eagle eye vision, then we went to the beer tasting.

Now, many people, some of my friends included, barely made it out of the tasting with the ability to walk or form coherent sentences. I managed to make it out just fine. I got to taste a lot of beers, mostly from Alaska breweries, and many of them were really delicious. I also learned that a "breakfast beer" is an "oatmeal stout" which goes against my initial instinct that a breakfast beer ought to be light since it is so early in the morning. Different logic...

After that, instead of going to the bars, I sat around with Miss S and Mr. M and whoever else happened to stop by to hang out, including Miss JB aka Farmer Girl and many others. We drank a lot of whiskey. Obscene amounts of whiskey. We played MASH and Miss S and I ended up staying up suuuuper late talking total nonsense. I then wandered back to tent city (where we were camp-squatting) and passed out from exhaustion and possibly also from whiskey consumption.

Sunday most people left, but Miss B and I stuck around and played around Haines. It's beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. We went to Chilkoot Lake which was too numbingly cold to even consider jumping in, then we went back to the beach by the docks and waded in up to our necks, which lasted all of five minutes. We played fetch with the dogs, did more hula hooping (I think I actually had mild bruising around my waist) and then we went to Miss S' place for a delightful homemade dinner of fresh halibut seviche and gourmet rice with homemade pesto made from locally gathered herbs and there was also this tea drink made with locally gathered and steeped herbs, homemade blueberry juice and strawberry lemonade.

Then there was the homemade ice cream. Heaven in mismatched jars.

Monday was our last day in Haines and consisted of breaking down our tent and cleaning things up, running around on the beaches, trying to avoid mosquito bites, playing with the dogs, reading in the shade and ferrying back to Juneau while Miss B and others played music.

Now I'm back in Juneau.

Miss B and I are talking about moving to Haines. It sounds crazy because I was just talking about moving to a big city, but there is something so charming about that tiny little town. I actually sent in my resume today for a pretty decent little job.

In any case, it's back to trying to find a job and trying to recover from being irresponsible and spending a weekend drinking and playing in Haines.