Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Poop Poop Song

I made up a song for my 4 month old nephew. It goes like this:

Poop poop poop
Poop poop poo-poop
*raspberry* *raspberry*
Poop poop poop
Poop poop poo-poop
*giant raspberry*

Do you believe me yet that I've been spending a little too much time with a baby?

In other news, we had a family get together with extended family included that did not include drunken antics, fist fights or people passing out naked. How is that even worth writing about?

Also, and I suppose I should have expected this, there is a second round of interviews. I did make it through round 1 of the interviews, so now I need to come up with some way to be super awesome for round 2.

I expect everyone to keep their fingers crossed. PERMANENTLY. Or at least until I say when.

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