Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Many Lives of Melissa Leeanne

Oh man, I feel like I've led a couple lives sometimes. Today was a day that somehow showed off that dichotomy!

My two major passions are the arts and politics - today I spent a good amount of time on both. They aren't mutually exclusive, but it feels like they are totally different sometimes. I went to work and, of course, drew my daily comic. But I also volunteered at a fundraiser and attended a function with lots of political figures present, including my man, Senator B. Now, sometimes I don't always like everything that he does, but I recognize that he represents more than just me and I also happen to like him a lot as a person, face to face.

Today also had me looking at my old life vs. my new life; I finally parted with my Oregon driver's license in favor of an Alaska driver's license. I took a picture of my old license because they confiscate it, but it's crazy to think that I've really severed my ties to Oregon enough that I don't have any legal ties there any longer. I don't have a license there, I don't have a car registered there, I don't vote there, I don't go to school there, I don't pay taxes there. It's just a fond memory, now. A fond memory that is also a state where my family lives.

I also got to bust out the ORIGINAL last name. That's right. I have an ALIAS. Just kidding, at some point in my childhood my sister and I got switched over to our stepdad and mom's last name instead of the last name on our birth certificates. When I fill out legal paperwork that asks for former names, I always put that down. When I found people on facebook from elementary school, they all thought I had gotten married because of the name change. Nope, just weird, complicated shit that goes down when your parents divorce and want to go bein' all complicated.
Procrastinating, bad decision making, overwhelmed Melissa also came out to play. I may have looked like I had my shit together but I was pretty stressed out with all the stuff I have going on. When this happens I have such a hard time even picking a place to start! Tomorrow I don't have anything extra going on, so hopefully I'll be able to take things one at a time and get them done.

Oh, and because I got my Alaska driver's license I was able to e-sign for my PFD which means I made it, I have officially applied for my SECOND Permanent Fund Dividend, which I will receive during my... 4th October in Alaska, after my third Juneau-versary in May. May is also the month in which I get to celebrate having graduated college three years ago - and look what I have to show for it. Uh. Not much, I guess.

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