Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hey, whatcha drawin'?

The problem with the daily comics is... well. It's hard to pin the exact problem or cause of the problem, but there is one.

Today this guy came into the bar with a friend of his. I have met him a few times before. The last time I saw him, or maybe the time before, he was in the bar on a Tuesday night again and I was drawing comics. Comics that included the exact people and surroundings of that night.

So tonight he asks what I was drawing, if I did comics. I said yes. He declared that it was so cool that I did comics and seemed really interested. Luckily he lacked follow through and despite being interested he didn't ask for the web address because, well, the comic from exactly a week before? It kind of made fun of him.

It's kind of like how I made that comic of that one girl that was always mean to me but now she's nice to me and I just have to hope that she never develops a real interest in my life because then she would find out that I call her an ogre.

I could solve this problem in a few ways:

  • I could be nicer.
  • I could be private with my mean thoughts.
  • I could delete a post if I think someone might read about himself or herself.
Most likely I'll do none of these things, constantly risking having people resent me for my comics.

Speaking of these comics - I finished Monday's but have not yet finished Tuesday's comics. I'm a day behind and crossing my fingers that I catch up without hating myself. Oops. Maybe if I hadn't had to have been attentive at work tonight I would have gotten more done. More on that in comic form soon.

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