Saturday, January 9, 2010

Viva Mexico!

When you read this, I'll be in Acapulco! On the beach!

My first day in Mexico City, a half day-ish, the highlight was seeing my friend Miss J again, eating tacos at a taqueria and drinking beer - spending less than $20 for both of us to have more than we could eat and four beers to wash away the spiciness on our tongues. I had to take a brief break to cool my tongue - I anticipate I'll have killed some taste buds by the end of this trip.

My second day in Mexico City I slept in and spent some time talking to ATT about what kind of damage using my phone abroad might have. Not as bad as I had expected. Which is nice because I sent the following text messages to Miss J today:

"I might be sort of lost, but the goal is to find my way back within an hour. Near Parque Espana right now." (Not actually too far away from Roma Sur)

"I think I'm officially just lost now. Think I'm in Col. del Valle Norte and kind of wandering, looking for a good person to ask directions" (I didn't ask the dude with the eye patch)

"2 good things. Found street called Alaska and am on Medellin." (Then I went the wrong way and was on Amores before turning around and getting back on Avenida Medellin)

I was out exploring for about 4 hours and developed a nice blister on the back of my left heel. Good thing for me that I brought some slippers with fake sheep fleece inside. Much better. I only spent M$4.50 during the course of the day - on a bottle of water. That's less than $0.50 USD.

By the time I got back Miss J was done with teaching for the day and back, so she made us some soup and we were relaxing until her boyfriend came over. We went to the mall briefly and there were obscene amounts of people. While walking around I had been surprised at how few people I saw on the streets (relative to the population of 20 million) but they are all in cars. And in the mall, apparently.

It's been raining since I arrived, apparently residents of Mexico City think they will melt and try to stay inside or they carry around large umbrellas.

Some little things that show that this isn't as developed as the US (though some in Alaska do live pretty simple lives in cabins and whatnot) there are frequent power outages (more than we see in Juneau and unrelated to avalanches) and to get hot water you light the pilot light in the furnace only when you want hot water, rather than keeping your water constantly hot. To be honest, I think it might not be such a bad idea - but I'm a big tree-hugging hippie if you ask my dad.

More later. When I return from beach vacation within vacation!

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