Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Money Makes the World Go 'Round

I used to work at a credit union, the same credit union, in fact, that I keep my money at now. I am a paycheck to paycheck type of gal. I don't make that much money and most of it already has a place to go, places like rent checks and cell phone bills, credit card bills and buying food. And booze. I don't generally have much in my savings account and as a general rule it is more of a place to stash a wad of money for some specific purpose. I have over $800 in my savings right now, all for paying rent and bills and whatnot next month, since I'm not anticipating a paycheck from my non-existent day job.

So, here I am in Mexico City in a pinch. I've got M$50 or roughly $5 USD. And I have some real US dollars, approximately $9. I requested a new PIN for my ATM card 12 days ago, to be sent from a location in Alaska to my Alaska address. My roommate has been checking the mail every single day. Sources say the PIN was sent on the 8th, though it has not reached my mailbox.

I don't consider this to be my fault. I guess I could have requested a new PIN sooner, but had I done it a week earlier, the PIN still wouldn't arrive in time. Had I done it two weeks earlier, there is no estimating whether things could have been worked out in time.

Being the clever and former employee of the institution in question, I poked and prodded about what could be done. I asked if the "choose your own pin" option had ever been implemented, I also asked if the wire transfer fee might be waived, should I need to resort to borrowing money from my friend and would have to wire money back to her to pay her back.

NOPE. No options. Everyone was sweet as effin' cherry pie on the phone, but nobody offered solutions, nor was my own solution accepted.

The worst part is that I remember how well we had to treat the members with money. Hundreds of dollars worth of fees would be waived despite disclaimers about costs of different actions. They'd do anything to keep the big money. If someone had $100,000.00 in the bank, they'd waive $5 fees and $25 fees and $50 fees and do whatever it took to make members happy. If a member complained that their account was short $5, they would put $5 in the account to keep them happy. Whatever. It was petty shit.

I am poor and I am in trouble and my financial institution says, "Sorry! Nothing we can do!" But if I had $100,000.00 in the bank I would get whatever the hell I wanted.

Here's a nice empty threat - if I ever have $100,000.00 that needs a place to live, maybe it won't be in your institution. Maybe it will be under my mattress.

Anyway, if you were questioning whether money made the world go 'round - it's does.

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