Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mi Amor!

Soy guerita.

Especially in the off season, I stand out. I am fair skinned with orange hair and I have heard on many occasions utterings of "guera," "guerita," "bonita," etc. I have also found gentlemen to be very welcoming of me and my guera friends.

It's made for an interesting trip so far. In some ways it is obnoxious and in some ways charming. Everyone begs money or tries to sell to us - we are white, we must have money!

I've also had a couple guys who became rather enamored with me. Solely based on looks since I barely speak a word of Spanish. Back home it is always my charming personality that gets me attention, in Mexico it is my white skin, blue eyes, and strawberry blonde hair. First was Piti who welcomed Miss A and me into the bar we had walked into, he pulled up seats for us and stuck around us most of the night. He tried to kiss me, too. Then while on the beach there was Geronimo. Yes, Geronimo. He had a lot of native blood and apparently does the Aztec dances at the Templo Mayor in Mexico City sometimes. He didn't speak any English and I don't speak much Spanish at all, so he made Abby translate to me how beautiful I am, he protested when I put on a skirt over my swimsuit and sunglasses over my eyes, he made hand motions that his heart beats for me and he begged for a kiss on the cheek.

Acapulco beaches were covered in people selling things and the streets of Mexico City are full. I saw a man in clown makeup juggling in front of stopped traffic and asking for money. People sell bottles of water to cars stopped at traffic lights. Speaking of traffic lights - red apparently doesn't always mean stop. People in Mexico City drive like mad men - they are all speeding and swerving and putting on their hazard lights for seemingly no meaning and blinkers mean nothing and pedestrians are merely obstacles. It's nuts. Today there was an ambulance with lights flashing and sirens blaring and nobody pulled aside or stopped. Remind me to not have an emergency in Mexico City.

Oh, and the food is wonderful. I know for a fact I've gained weight since I arrived since my pants are a little tighter than they were before. Hopefully all the walking in Mexico City will burn it off - I know sitting on a beach for four days with sporadic ocean swims didn't help.

One more note - most of the people in Acapulco didn't swim. I don't think they know how. We gueras were way further out in the ocean and we had some people comment about our ability to swim. Strange that people living on the ocean wouldn't be excellent swimmers.

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Jessica said...

one of my friends said it best...even if you leave your house unshowered, with no makeup, and in laundry day clothes, you're still at least a 9 in mexico.