Monday, January 18, 2010

Los Piramides

The pyramids at Teotihuacan are amazing. There was a whole city there, once. Dwellings and temples as well as platforms and pyramids.

It is estimated to have been built in around 50-100 AD, you know, about 2000 years ago. AMAZING. And to continue with being badass, Miss J, Miss A and I climbed the Piramide del Sol and as much as was permitted of the Piramide de la Luna. The Piramide de la Luna isn't as tall as the Piramide del Sol, but the view is the best - you can see straight down the Road of the Dead, which has platforms lining it and the Piramide del Sol on the left.

Climbing the Piramide de la Luna was tough because the steps are really large, too large for our legs or for the legs of those that built it. The Piramide del Sol was a rough climb because it is enormous. From some meters away, the people climbing up look tiny, like insects or tiny toys.

We also got to go down inside some structures, which was neat. Especially since you could see some original frescos. There was a museum too! It took up pretty much the whole day and we were pretty tired by the end.

The bus rides there and back were interesting. There are so many things in Mexico that are very foreign to me and I don't know if I'd get used to how seemingly disorganized so many things are. Also, how many laws seem to be completely disregarded or maybe they don't exist - people in the aisles of buses, riding in the backs of trucks, swerving, cutting people off, ignoring red lights - totally nuts.

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