Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How's this for culture?

Today Miss A and I went to the Frida Kahlo house - it's a museum that is in the house that Frida Kahlo shared with Diego Rivera, it had a bunch of art and many belongings still in tact and in their places. I'm a fan of the art and I also think that their strong political stance was pretty awesome. Also awesome - the fact that some of their furniture was highlighter yellow. And that the house is bright blue.

But that's not all the culture I absorbed - oh no - Miss A, Miss J, Miss V and I went to a Lucha Libre match. We watched a bunch of masked men (and women) fake wrestle with bright lights and bright colors and crazy costumes. We drank beer and heckled and chanted and cheered.

When I get back to Juneau from Mexico I may have to do a series of photo posts. I think I promised to do that before and didn't, because I'm a slacker, but this time I will provide some access to photos at the very least.

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