Sunday, January 24, 2010

Home is where your shoe collection is.

I'm back. In Juneau. I think I was disappointed when I got on the plane and didn't recognize anyone, usually I know someone. I was not disappointed when I saw that it was actually sunny and beautiful and not disappointed that my friend Miss T would be picking me up from the airport.

I was also not disappointed when I had lunch with four of my friends, when I continued hanging out with one of my friends, when I met up with even more friends to attend Lunafest, or when I went out to the bars with my friends to have some drinks and dance.

I was also not disappointed when I put hot sauce on my tongue and put some boys to shame at a friend's house after leaving the bars.

I was also not disappointed to sleep in my own bed, even if it was cold.

I was also not disappointed to go to the Sandpiper with Miss C, run into other friends there, do my grocery shopping and relax, then go to work to be kept company by Miss S and Mr. J, among other friendly faces.

I was not disappointed to sleep in my own bed once again, even if it was cold.

I was not disappointed to have craft brunch today. And I'm not disappointed to have Miss M playing at the bar tonight while I work.

Going on vacation doesn't make the bad things about a place disappear, so it can be sort of unsettling to see the face of someone you'd rather not see, to hear about drama you had hoped would have blown over, but it does make all of the good things seem even brighter.

It was also nice to be home after a rather obnoxious connection at LAX, though I was not stuck airport sleeping, thanks to an old high school friend.

And now I am back in my cozy little apartment which has a kitchen table now, with my messy room and my full sized hot water heater that allows me to take unreasonably long, hot showers and with my plants that have still not died and with my roommate who is always full of energy and with all my dearest friends.

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Jessica said...

Glad you're happy to be home...although I guess this means you won't be in a hurry to move south :(