Thursday, January 7, 2010

Friends in... places.

I have spent almost a full week in the ol' home town. Redmond, Oregon. It's been nearly two years since I had been here last. Back in April 2008, maybe.

It's always slightly strange to be back, having spent most of the past 7 years in other parts of the state, the country or the Western Hemisphere. I came this time mostly just to see my sister and her new baby. When I say mostly I mean entirely. I was really happy to spend time with my sisters, happy to see my parents, excited to see some old friends - but it was really about Mr. and Mrs. M and baby J.

Since being here I managed to spend at least an hour every day with my sister and my nephew, usually several hours. I saw Necktie Killer play on Wednesday night with my friend Mr. A. It made me feel pretty nostalgic for the days when SKA music was big. I saw Mad Caddies in concert once at the Meow Meow in Portland, Oregon - I don't even think the Meow Meow is still around. I also took my youngest sisters to pizza and to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which is great because it is suitable for children but is clever and witty and Wes Anderson for me. I also hit up some stores we don't have in Juneau - I never thought I'd be so excited to enter a target store. And tonight I spent the last of my time with family and the rest of my night with old friends and friends of my sister and her husband. I danced with some of the groomsmen from their wedding and wished one of my sister's oldest friends a happy birthday. All while rocking out to Larry and His Flask - a band I've seen grow up. A LOT. I recall seeing some of these guys play at a battle of the bands at an assembly in high school. Two years ago I saw them playing at a house party. This time, seeing them play, I was amazed. They've taken their punk rock energy and combined it with some slightly country roots. They went from all electric to all acoustic instruments, replacing the electric guitars with honey colored acoustic guitars, replacing the sleek electric bass with an upright bass, adding a banjo and a mandolin. I wish I could better describe it. Anyway, I'm going to do what I can to get those guys to Juneau. I think they'd be well received.

I leave in only a few hours to head to Mexico. Redmond - LAX - Mexico City. The real vacation starts then!

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