Friday, January 8, 2010

Friends in... places. Part II: To friend or not to friend.

I have a blog - you know this, you are reading it. I guess it would only make sense that I am also an avid social networker, using sites like facebook and twitter - I even still dabble in myspace.

I find myself in a bit of a dilemma, inflamed by my recent trip home. To friend or not to friend?

I've run into a number of people I haven't seen since high school. Some I've kept in touch with through some means or another, others I haven't but was pleasantly surprised to see, still others with whom I am perfectly happy to have parted ways.

I am curious, though. What are they doing now? Since high school, it seems that nobody cares much for the old social circles we once kept. The popular kids are friends with the stoners, the preppies are mingling with the punk rockers, the kids who graduated in 2000 are hanging out with the kids who graduated in 2005, etc. But that's here. These people run into each other at the bars or the market or wherever. I am living thousands of miles away and wondering occasionally at the faces popping up in the right hand column of my facebook home page as "suggested users."

That girl who was in my class - she's married? And that one has a kid! That guy right there, he is doing what? It's not like I want to be friends with these people or anything - but can I wait until the ten year reunion to sate this morbid curiosity?

Do people wonder what I'm doing? For my sake, I hope not. My current status of "technically unemployed" isn't terribly impressive.

The question remains and I will ask you, my dear reader(s): To friend or not to friend? Do you friend old high school acquaintances? Even those you haven't seen since then?

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Allison said...

Yes, I friend people went to high school with. I like knowing what people are up to. I've actually reconnected with a couple people who I wasn't even friends with on Facebook and we're like semi-friends in that we leave comments on each others statuses and it's kinda fun. I don't do that with everyone though.

I don't really mind sharing what I'm up to. I certainly don't have anything to hide.