Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

It says it in the muthafuckin' declaration of independence - we are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Or, I mean, that's what we were going for.

I pursue happiness a lot. I don't consider it to be an always elusive goal, there are definitely times when I am happy. But Happiness, once reached, is not a constant state. A person must work to maintain happiness. Sometimes, in my pursuit of happiness upkeep, crazy things happen.

1. I've quit my day job. I've always felt it is not a good idea to quit a job without having another job lined up but I've also determined that if something makes you absolutely miserable - don't do it. I like the goal of my job, I just can't stand the means. I would wake up dreading it, I would go to sleep dreading it, I would spend all my time dreading it. Not really on the path to happiness there.

2. I've consumed copious amounts of alcohol. Now, this may seem counterproductive, alcohol being a depressant and all - but as many of us in the world know, going out to bars and parties can be a lot of fun and going to bars and parties is the most fun when you and everyone else are similarly intoxicated. Being the sober person can be exasperating.

This weekend was a good example of alcohol in pursuit of fun and happiness - nothing bad happened (hooray) and we all had jolly good times. There was dancing and singing (I did some karaoke) and flirting and Apples to Apples and talking and laughing and crafting and brunching and all sorts of happy things.

3. I have been filling my time with friends and activities. Sometimes I can really enjoy sitting at home and reading or writing or drawing or doing yarn sports, but other times I need to be around friends. The past week or so have been packed and it only continues in that grain:
Thursday was girls' night, Friday was Miss S's return and live music at the Alaskan, Saturday I worked but had tons of fun, Sunday was craft brunch and the 'SINful' Holiday Party, yesterday I had dinner at the L house, this afternoon I'll be hanging out and drawing with my friend Mr. J, tomorrow I have a dinner party to attend at Miss J's house, Thursday is Santacon Juneau, Friday is a fundraiser and ugly sweater party, Saturday I work again, as goes for Sunday, then it gets to a week which is too far away to have planned for, but it is just about Christmas time.

4. Inadvisable vacations are my forte. I will be leaving town for three weeks. THREE WEEKS! I have just quit my job and I am a paycheck to paycheck kinda gal, anyway. I should probably not run off on vacation for three weeks, but somehow I've been pretty good and I have enough money in my bank account and enough coming in that I can go to Oregon for a week to see my sister and my nephew to be and then go bask in Mexico's sunshine. And maybe I'll come back with no money (except what I've set aside to be sure I can pay rent and whatnot) but I will be happy and another job is inevitably around the corner. I've been underemployed before but never for long.

So, all these strange and inadvisable things, are they making me happy? Yes. I am pretty happy. I am happy with my decisions and happy with my future plans (the two month plan, I don't have a plan beyond that, really) and happy with right now, sitting on my couch and blogging about this nonsense.

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