Monday, November 16, 2009

There's a name for that...

There is a name for how geeky I was.

I was just skimming through my RSS reader and saw that cracked had a piece referencing the kid from Jurassic Park. Must be Timmy. When I was younger, elementary school? Middle school? I'm not really sure - I wrote a story about the character, Timmy, going back to school. In the story, he went back and was constantly paranoid about dinosaurs, providing all other students with an easy target for mockery. At the end of the story, if I remember correctly, dinosaurs end up attacking the school and Timmy is vindicated. Then eaten.

Holy shit, guys, I was so nerdy, I wrote Jurassic Park FAN FIC. I had no idea what fan fic was, nor have I ever been nerdy enough to read it since my introduction to the term. Apparently, though, when I was a mere pre-teen, possibly an early teen, I was a horrible geek.

I would like to point out, however, that my fan fic was AWESOME because I was apparently as morbid and cynical as a tween as I am as an adult. I made the kid suffer the slings and arrows of a thousand bullies and then, when he was right, he gets gnawed on by T-Rex?

Probably raptors, actually.

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