Tuesday, November 17, 2009

That's Just How I Roll

The past couple weeks have been filled with lots of bright and shiny ideas. A new art show in town, hooray! A new art project, hooray! New crocheting projects, hooray!

And Roller Derby.

I know, I know. You think it's because Whip It came out and I want to ride that wave. Well, I didn't see Whip It. Damn it. My friend Miss M (one of many, it gets confusing for me too) has had the goal for a little while now to start a derby league in Juneau and she chose fairly recently to feel out interest. Well, there has been a ton of interest. Apparently Juneau is full of girls who want to release some pent up aggression on wheels.

We've had our first planning meeting and we are working on finding a location, all getting our skates and pads and helmets, learning the rules and regulations, and, of course, coming up with names.

Names in Roller Derby are huge - it's ridiculous. Everyone needs a sweet name and you can't double up. My first choice was Melicious, but that's taken. Tons of names are taken, there is a database online so you can be sure you aren't breaking a cardinal rule of derby and going as a second Bloody Mary or something like that.

Right now my favorite option is "The Mean Red" which is pretty badass, refers to my defining feature, and is a literary reference all in one. Nobody steal my idea. I'll be angry. And I'm this close to being a roller girl and you don't want to fuck with a roller girl!

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