Tuesday, November 3, 2009

On the Wagon

I am what would probably be considered a high functioning alcoholic. Not flattering, I know. I prefer the term "lush" but in all honesty, I drink 3 to 5 days a week and anywhere from one to several drinks a night. I still go to work everyday and on time, I still manage to plan art shows, be a part of clubs, be a good friend, pay my bills, etc.

It's not an addiction, so much as a habit - I don't NEED IT, I just have managed to spend most of my nights in the past few years in bars with drinks in hand with my friends. Half my friends are bartenders or servers, most of my friends I've actually be through my evenings spent in bars. They say this is a small drinking town with a big fishing problem.

Now, I am not giving up drinking forever and I'm not giving up drinking because I am concerned for my well being. I am giving up drinking from now until the holidays for some very specific reasons.

1. I can avoid some of the drama that's been going down if I'm not out drinking all the time. No, it's not really even my own drama, though I am somehow in the middle of it.

2. My tolerance will go down, so I'll be a cheap date again come Christmas.

3. I'll be saving money, lots of money, by not spending money on alcohol between now and the holidays. This means I'll have plenty of money for other things, like my trip to Mexico.

A side effect of this not drinking thing? I made two hats yesterday. In the evening. At the bars. I've taken my crocheting with me to give me something to do, since being drunk isn't an option. I'm going to the yarn store today, I'm making one for Mr. Pilot and one for Mr. CP and more for birthdays and Christmas to come. That's right, if you were hoping for a surprise this holiday season, forget about it - you are getting a hat. Maybe a scarf if you are really lucky.

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