Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What the Future Holds

I got my PFD - that's right, FREE MONEY. Well, sort of. We all pay for it in the sense that it's from the rape and plunder of this fair land, but I figured I would use my blood oil money to get the hell out of this place for a little while.

In January I am packing up.

I found out that the campaign might not be quite over, but a booked ticket is a booked ticket, so here's the plan.

New Year's Day I fly to Redmond/Bend, Oregon where I hang out for a week while my sister pops out my nephew. I will see family and get to hold a lovely baby boy. Awesome.

On January 7th, I head to MEXICO for TWO WEEKS to hang out with my friend Miss J, whom I haven't seen since I went to Wula back in 2008. I'll be hanging out in Mexico City for much of it, which I think still counts as the largest city in the world. I can go to museums and pyramids and all kinds of fun stuff. Then we'll head out to someplace like Acapulco or other beaches on the weekends. I just bought a swimsuit today, it's retro.

But before then, I have a lot going! I am getting ready for HALLOWEEN! It's my favorite holiday, though this year I'll sadly be stuck working on the actual day. Oh well. I may have to plan some sort of prize to get people up there at some point, otherwise it'll be me dressed as Ebi Nigiri all by myself. I'll probably drown my sorrows in Sake. Or maybe plum wine.

Also making some progress on the Alt Art show. Mr. M came up with some logos and I called about a space. I think I messed up which street it was on a dozen times. It's on Franklin, not Seward. Oh well. With any luck, we'll have it figured out within the next few days. Maybe even tomorrow. Once we have the logo and other stuff, we can send out a call for submissions and start picking through the things we'll want for the show. Yessss.

Oh, and tomorrow is spa day! I'm going to pamper myself so much. It's going to be glorious.

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