Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sleep Deprivation Fest 2009

The 24 Hour Comics challenge was a success.

Five of us participated. Four of us stayed on to the point of delirium. Three of us finished our comics. One of us reached 24 pages. One of us reached 24 hours.

Curious where I stand? I reached 24 hours but only made it to 12 pages and I am not one of the three who finished.

But, the two of us who didn't finish have started projects we will undoubtedly finish, projects which will look soooooo good.

Here's a basic overview of the night - I updated a bit via Twitter, but tried to stay pretty focused on actually working on the comic.

7:45 pm - Arrive at JACC, attempt entry at wrong door, knock and knock, receive help, note that other entrance is unlocked.
8:00pm - Begin challenge, doodling and brainstorming.
8:15pm - Participate in some warm up exercises with fellow comic-ers Mr. M and Mr. D.
10:00pm - About 2 hours in with one page done, seems less than productive but one of the warm up exercises actually inspired the main character.
12:00am - 4 hours in, starting to contemplate the vastness of completing 24 pages in 24 hours, still hopeful.
2:00am - Boys start getting tired, caffeine consumption within group increases.
5:00am - My body starts reminding me that it likes to sleep sometimes, caffeine consumption increases.
8:00am - Mr. P should be finished with play, should be back for drawing. The lack of sleep is starting to get to me, a small breakfast alleviates some symptoms.
9:30am - So tired, must stay alert, hands shaking for some extra wobbly lines with the ink and brush, doing laps around room.
11:30am - Still exhausted and shaky, doing jumping jacks in ladies' room because it seems like an excellent way to wake up without jiggling in front of other people.
12:00pm - Lunch is served, by this point my body is realizing that the Friday-Saturday sleep cycle has been ignored, is non-existent, growing more alert.
2:00pm - Boys start getting delirious, Mr. P and I somewhat amused. High school boys don't need drugs, just sleep deprivation. At least for our purposes.
3:00pm - Only five hours remaining, boys delirious, competitive, drawing nonsense. Situation dire - I'm not making the progress necessary to complete 24 pages in 24 hours. Mr. P has decided to switch to smaller pages.
4:00pm - Mr. M has fallen asleep at table, Mr. D is pacing nervously, contemplating going home, 24 hour plays practicing at stage - too much muppet sound.
5:00pm - Boys have decided to finish, bound and determined. Working on ending in less than 24 pages.
6:00pm - Boys finished with comics, Mr. P starts worrying he might not finish, realizes there are 2 hours left, not just one, breathes sigh of relief. I've decided a rush would only ruin a really good thing. Tortoise-ing along.
7:00pm - Mr. P finishes, boys finished, Mr. OP and I continue working, pens and brushes dancing gracefully across white paper.
8:00pm - Time's up! Plays to start, displaying finished and unfinished comics for viewing.

Here are some photos:

I'll probably post images to Glitter Shrapnel at some point, possibly self publish.

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