Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Money, Money, Money, Money

I don't have much money. If you want to get technical, I have negative money. I have approximately $28 in my bank account, $18 in my pocket, $8 in quarters for laundry, and about $20k in debt.

I'm one month from having paid off one full credit card, that leaves three more credit cards. Brilliant, I know. Those probably add up to less than $5k in debt though - the real debt is in the student loans. I would ignore them completely if they would just quit calling me.

So, when money is tight, when you've got $50 to your name, when payday is still a week away, creativity is in order.

Let's talk about how I'm frugal. And how I'm not.

I bought a TV. I miss watching movies in a screen that is more than 10.1 in diagonally. This baby is 19 inches diagonally. That 8 inches more is going to make a huge difference. After spending all that money on a TV, I decided I would do the responsible and frugal thing - I posted that I wanted a DVD player on Freecycle.org. I got one. But I didn't get the cords that connect it to the TV, so I'm still staring at a blank screen.

Today I only bought fresh healthy foods to make a soup for dinner, kind of like I did last time I went to the grocery store. Only last time I was too lazy to make the soup so the mushrooms completely dried out. I thought that I had just dehydrated them and that maybe I could salvage the crimini mushrooms by soaking them in water. But they were sort of funny colored and I was uncertain so they got tossed anyway. I should probably start composting. Another annoying thing at the grocery store - my card didn't work - was my online banking lying about that available $28? I had to put the stupidly expensive razor and a thing of flour back. When the woman took the flour back it broke, I really wanted to ask if I could just have it for free since they probably had to throw it out anyway. But I have too much dignity for my own good.

I bought a dress I don't really need and two pairs of shoes this month. Completely unnecessary. But I haven't gone out drinking nearly as much, which probably makes up for it. I also bought slip covers for my couches, because they are gross looking, which is probably cheaper than buying new shitty couches for my ghetto apartment.

Let's be honest, I'm still incredibly irresponsible and bringing in $2000 a month is rough on a girl who has to pay bills and also have a happy social life.

Anyone out there want to be my sugar daddy?


Sharon said...

Although I have a bigger safety net in the bank than you, I am terrified of tapping into it... so I'm in the same spot. 2K a month, and almost 100% of it immediately goes to bills.

Myron Davis said...

Saw your post on freecycle; then the follow up one looking for RCA cables. I actually might have some if no one follows up and gives you some.

Keep on watching freecycle and act fast; I've seen a lot of good deals on there!

(and having someone be a sugar daddy isn't always a free ride either! You'll probably have to hang out with them! It might end up as a second job anyway!)