Friday, October 30, 2009


OK, aside from having to work on my FAVORITE holiday, this weekend (starting with Thursday, though I still had to work through today) has been and will continue to be HEAVENLY.

Thursday was SPA DAY and involved waxing, a facial, jacuzzi, and a massage. Nothing to complain about there!

After the spa business I attempted to hold an alt art meeting, but thanks to illness and other obstacles, Miss B and I were the only ones to show. Luckily, my explanation of the issue with the JRE properties (they don't already insure their buildings or something?) piqued the attention of someone who may have a space to offer. Cross your fingers.

Then there was my first ever Costume Creation and Prep Party and it turned out really well! Miss A, Miss E, Mr. L, and Mr. R came to work on costumes, other people decided it would be a good idea to work on costumes, and still more people were just hanging around for all the fun.

All the fun being: Chippendales?

My friends are dressing as Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley from the SNL skit where both men are trying out for Chippendales. Here's the result of a bit of time and effort, some painting, some sewing, some cutting, some velcro...

So, tonight I have Mr. J's birthday, a housewarming and going away party at Miss L's new place, plus music at the 'Vous and tomorrow is real Halloween, which I'll be spending behind a bar, but people have been promising to come by and visit. Then Sunday is Miss A's birthday so I will be wearing purple and supporting the Vikings while enjoying a barbecue and maybe some bloody Marys after a long night. Hip hip hooray!

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