Thursday, September 3, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

I sure have been a homebody lately. I don't know what my deal is. I've been staying home most nights. I think I went out one night last week. Maybe two nights the week before. I think real homebodies don't go out at all, ever, but this is pretty quiet for me.

I stopped by a bar tonight, after attending the Sustainability Commission meeting and a reception for a Dutch film maker who is in town for a month, but I left without buying a drink because the patrons were loud and obnoxious. I didn't stop by the other bars, even though I ran into some friends in front of one.

My only real response to this is, "WTF?" That's right.

I have got to quit being lame.

Speaking of home, or the neighborhood at least, I ran into the neighbors today. It was actually sort of bad since I had meant to go talk to them about something job related and a month later I never stopped by. Oh well, looks like they hired someone. Despite the speech I sat through on how he only hires educated people, the neighbor apparently hired some 18 year old kid. Whatever. The other employee there I know said it might be for the best. I'm rather inclined to agree. She is thinking about leaving too, not forever, but to go to law school. She'd go back then.

I also ran into another neighbor. The son of the really friendly neighbors. He called out to me from their mini-van while I was walking. He asked to borrow my cell phone and invited me to get in the car. I made the right decision in declining the invitation because he told his friend he called that he was drunk. Drunk driving. Great. Am I obligated to report that? I adore his family, his mom is the sweetest woman alive and his sister is great also. I hear good things about his dad as well. It's really tragic that this kid is so self destructive.

Today Miss B and Miss R helped me pick out a pair of glasses after my appointment. They are not as flashy as my current pair, which are pretty red, but they are still sort of sassy. I guess it'll be two weeks before I get them.

And here's another good segue:

In less than three weeks (get it, I said weeks int he last paragraph?) my sister is getting married. I'm the maid of honor. I've bought my dress. I've bought my plane ticket. I've arranged a place to stay in Portland. I'll be buying a pair of shoes soon. But guess what else I have to do. That's right. I have to write a speech. Oh. Dear. God.

Anyway, if you read this and you are in Portland and you are a friend of mine and not just a creepy stalker, we should get together!


Sarah said...

maid of honors don't have to "write" a speech. just have a few drinks and hop on up there and say how great they are together blah blah blah. at least that's what i did.

Melissa Leeanne said...

I don't know how great they are together - I have never met my future brother-in-law.

And I will definitely be having some drinks. Don't you worry.