Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ten Reasons I Won't Get Married

10. I just don't look that good in white. Or even cream. 'Cause let's face it, I won't be wearing white.

9. What if I'm wrong? Marriage is the first step to divorce, after all. And divorce, that's a spendy affair.

8. Of a biological father and a stepdad, with neither of whom I have a close relationship, who would I choose to walk me down the aisle?

7. I've had to wear bridesmaid's dresses - I don't want to do that to my friends.

6. I don't believe in God anyway, why do I need to have some religious leader marry me and the person I love?

5. Nobody wants to sit through the ceremony anyway, even if I had the most clever vows, people would still be fidgeting and waiting for the open bar.

4. My mom and dad got divorced, my grandparents got divorced, and not everyone is even all that happy in their new situation - it might be hereditary.

3. Weddings are expensive, I am pretty sure it isn't necessary to spend thousands of dollars to declare one's love. I can think of three little words that do it quite efficiently.

2. And do I really want to support the diamond industry? What a scam!

1. Marriage is a stupid institution which discriminates not based on love, but on matters like WHO someone loves. Why should I support that?

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