Friday, September 4, 2009


I need a sign, maybe a big blingy necklace, that reads "OCUPADO" or "DO NOT DISTURB" or something.

I was mentioning being a homebody lately, so last night I determined that I would not be a homebody. Mr. T invited me to play some pool at the Berg and I accepted the invitation, meeting him there and having a beer while playing a couple games of pool and talking about life and growing up. We got a little philosophical.

I then went to the Alaskan where I saw Miss H and sat with Miss MO and another Miss H (too many, suddenly) until they left. At which point I headed back to hang out with Mr. TB, who had been reading. I was hanging out, enjoying the music, drinking some beers, and life was good. Mr. TB is fantastic and I really like hanging out with him when he is being social. Then the magic hour was upon us. We had to finish our beers and be ushered out the door. At this point I had had a beer more than intended, something like 4 or 5 through out the night, and so had some other people, apparently.

Right at bar close, there is always a big crowd of people directly outside the bar, last night was no exception. I learned that there are consequences to saying "maybe" instead of "no" and I learned the hard way. "Maybe" gives a person the idea that confessing undying love or trying to romance you might be a good idea. "Maybe" puts you in the awkward position to drunkenly try to explain that you can't be what the romancer wants you to be. "No" would have been the better route. So after failing to make things turn out well, I decided that going home ALONE would be the best option, but then a mutual friend of the romancer and me was walking with me, not trying to push the romancer on me, as one might think, but hitting on me, I'm pretty sure. I managed to shake him and make my way home.

Then I tried to post my comic but my darling tablet PC has some virus, perhaps the swine flu, and I fell asleep before I managed to post it. But it's up now! So you should read it.

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