Sunday, September 6, 2009


Saturday night included yet another excuse to dress up. General Juneau attire includes the ugly brown neoprene boots with jeans and, most likely, an Alaskan Brewing sweatshirt or some sort of performance fleece. Or a rain jacket. But Saturday night Mrs. D & Mr. M had their 4th anniversary party and as classy people, they requested that everyone dress to the nines.

First I went to dinner with Miss M and Miss C at the Hangar where we were lucky enough to be given a free appetizer from some of the staff - thanks, Ladies! We had some drinks and shared appetizers and had a generally lovely (and filling) evening. We then went to the super secret location for the invite only Anniversary party and drank cocktails with people dressed in cocktail dresses, suits, evening gowns, etc.

Then we went to the Viking. Miss M had said she thought this was the last weekend Deering and Down would be playing and I do love to support those two. Usually the Viking is the last place I would ever head (though somehow it had ranked above the Lucky Lady before) but for the sake of the music, I went. Now, the problem I have with the viking, mainly, is that I can't recall a time I've been that I haven't been hit on and even groped. This night was no different, including a thoroughly uncalled for ass slap, another grope in passing, and one old sketchy guy who had been watching us dance did the "accidental" ass graze. He also tried to tell me later that he liked my dancing. Or something. Gross. Around 2, after maybe an hour and a half there, total, we went to find Miss C, who was not where I had anticipated. We ended up at the Alaskan, which is where I figured out that gin makes me sassy.

First thing, former flame was accusing me of something in a rather belligerent manner (this isn't a first) and I stood up for myself and told him that I didn't want to argue with him and then went back to spend time with my girlfriends. I also pointed out at one point in the night that I didn't like his "tone" just like my mom used to say. But the real sassiness came out when some dumb hick bummed a cigarette from Mr. P and then proceeded to make fun of his hair. I don't know about you, but I am pretty sure that you don't disrespect someone who has just done you a favor. I called it, though. He was a dumb hick and even a little tipsy I have enough wit to run circles around guys like this. I managed to make mad fun of him right there until he stumbled off the curb to go to (most likely) the Viking or the Imperial, or to go shoot something.

Then Miss N and I headed to an after party, where we stayed only briefly because we (a) weren't drunk enough and (b) weren't any good at speaking Spanish.

Overall it was an interesting night and I, admittedly, looked damn good. I guess I can't blame the grabby guys. Wait. Yes I can. Pervs.

And today was craft brunch! I made some savory scone egg sandwiches, which were delish. I think the best recipe I discovered was one that was a basic scone recipe with pointers on changes to make when adding additional ingredients. I like the versatility of it and, when I added garlic and herbs de provence, the scones turned out great. I think it might be best for someone with a sense of what they are doing, since it is a little more open ended than many baking recipes, but I am happy with it. Here it is.

Now I am working at the bar and I've just been informed by one of the owners of the Rendezvous that the male strippers are staying upstairs in the hotel and that, well, I may have strippers in the bar again. Hopefully this time all the clothing will stay on.

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