Monday, September 21, 2009

The Kitten Flu, Love, and Other Diseases

I'm sitting in darling Miss NB's cozy little apartment with the darling kitty, Yuki. Yuki has got a cold. I am hoping that this little virus will not jump from kitten to human, but how cute does the kitten flu sound? So cute. Way better than swine flu. "Oh, you know, I got the kitten flu, 'cause I was just surrounded in cute fuzzy kittens, not it's not deadly, thankfully." Poor little Yuki though, she can't blow her nose into a tissue or something to relieve her congestion.

This weekend has been all about: Love.

My younger sister just got married and as worried as I may have been, I absolutely adore the entire family she has married into. They are the sweetest family ever. Despite a full septic tank that sometimes provided a raw sewage smell, despite the rain falling until 30 minutes after the wedding was meant to start (we started an hour late) the wedding was sunny and beautiful. Sister jumped the gun with her 'I will' but only because she really is excited to spend the rest of her life with her new husband. Lucky the dog, who is 91 years old in dog time, decided to pee during the lighting of the unity candle, but over all the ceremony was perfect.

The reception was lovely too, with plenty of beer and wine to go around, champagne for toasting, a delicious dinner prepared by the families and lots of dancing. Oh, and I gave a toast. My short but sweet toast which probably infringes on some Disney copyrights was a hit and my counterpart, the very handsome best man, had a long winded but very heartfelt speech (about 10 times as long as mine). Aside from some uninvited guests: Sister's former hippie roommate, a guy who went to my college for one year and his friend; and some missing folks: friends from high school who had been threatened with revoked friendship should they not attend, it was a great group.

It was great to see my family, especially my little sisters, I got to feel my little nephew kick, and even though there was never a resolution to the car theft, my parents and I did a great job pretending absolutely nothing was wrong. And you know, I can just put it out of my mind.

So, if you were wondering what fell into the category "other" it might be shopoholism. Or my love for a Michael Kors black mini dress with sequins. Or a freakish curiosity to know what it feels like to have something living inside you (baby envy?) but not any time soon. Or a case of melancholy, missing the person that I still adore.

Or maybe it is straight up alcoholism because I drank quite a bit of white wine and champagne and apparently got tired before the party even ended - finding my way to Bro-in-law's parents' bed and falling asleep. I got kicked out, of course, and was then led to a couch where I slept through a ton of noise, apparently.

Now I have less than 12 hours left in Portland - I suppose I should go enjoy it!

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