Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Growing up is contagious.

For some 24 seems old, for others, for me, 24 seems young, but it also feels a bit like a transitional time between young and old. It's sort of creeping me out.

My younger sister just got married and will be having a baby, her husband is great and they will undoubtedly have an adorable baby, probably a little ginger. I could probably cover an entire wall with save-the-dates and invitations and engagement photos, though. It's not just my sister, it's a lot of my friends, too. Many of them are doing such grown up activities as marrying and birthing babies and buying houses.

My rational side is adamant about 24 being young and avoiding grown up activities, after all, I still drink 'til I puke sometimes (always by accident). But my uterus was aflutter when I felt little baby J kicking from inside my sister's rotund belly. No, I'm not gonna have a baby, the rational side can totally take my uterus in a fight. One of my new sisters-in-law showed off the engagement ring she'd want were some handsome gent to propose to her and in the secret of my own home a week later, I perused the Tiffany's website and ooh-ed and ah-ed over the diamond engagement rings. My rational side can also beat my romantic side in a fight.

There's one thing I might have a hard time fighting and that is making a comfortable home, sure I hate cleaning and I put it off until a haz-mat suit might be necessary, but I can't help but cruise Craigslist for reasonably priced furniture and I am just dreaming of the day when I stumble upon a butcher block floating island for my counter-space-challenged kitchen. Even though there is a part of me aching to get out of this small town, I have certain things keeping me here, including an absolute love of this stupid town, but still, what if I move? What if I do it - go to law school - then I have to deal with getting rid of all this STUFF.

Who should win this battle? The rational minimalist? The cozy-seeking nester? I don't know. Life would be made a lot easier if Mr. CP would move back and UAS would open a law school. Can't everything come to me?

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