Wednesday, September 16, 2009


It was discussed that a lot of people in this town are kind of flaky, it was suggested that it's because there are so many creative minds and people are constantly developing new and exciting ideas and that these creative types are more likely to let themselves get carried away, leaving plans behind them. It might also be that a lot of people smoke a lot of pot. But since I've been getting kind of flaky sometimes, I think it is more likely that we're all creative types, dreamers.

I'm not generally a flaky person, despite being a dreamer and creative mind - that could actually be a problem. To how many things have I committed myself?

Job #1
Job #2
Comics Connection
Creating a weekly webcomic
Having a life
Keeping in touch with friends and family
Cleaning my kitchen - someday

And now this:

I have a brain child and I am going to bring it to term, give birth to it, and raise it to adulthood. I will not abort this brain child (but I am pro-choice!), nor will I put it up for adoption, neglect it during it's formative stages, or treat it like a red headed stepchild (I am one of those). I'm really excited and am officially the founder of Alt Art Juneau - an alternative art fair that will coincide with the First Friday Gallery Walk.

There is a lot of work to do on this to do it right, that includes fancy things like exploration committees and panels and publicity committees and lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

I'm going to do this, I am going to succeed, and I am determined that this will be an awesome event for artists who creat comics, tattoos, street art, etc.

P.S. I might be a fucking hipster.

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