Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Burden of Being Born

Happy motha' effin' birthday to me.

Today is my actual birthday, in which I turn 24 years old.

I have had the pleasure of receiving a billion facebook messages, countless text messages, and some friendly phone calls.

I received a print from Mr. CP and a book - received in the mail a few days early. And the owners of Choco's gave me a cocktail ring I had been admiring.

This evening I'll be with friends having drinks and appetizers.

But just now I had a conversation with my mom which turned ugly. I told my mom that I was giving my car to my sister for her wedding present and I mentioned that my other sister who just turned 16 had said she was driving it, so I was questioning that since I already promised it to my other sister... Logical stuff, you know. Then I told my mom it would be kind of a problem if they gave away a car I had already given away and my mom said, "Well, we already did."

My parents gave away MY FUCKING CAR.

Without my permission. Without even mentioning it to me. So now the one thing I could do for my sister's wedding, for my sister who is having a baby, they've taken it away. And my mom didn't want to have the discussion with me, but I forced it, and she basically started talking about how she had helped me pay my bills when I was in college.

Great. So it turns out that the basic duties of being a supportive parent of a kid in college don't come for free. Or cheap. I've been such a burden that it warrants taking my car and giving it away to my younger sister.

I'm pretty possed right now. I wish I hadn't even talked to my mom at all today. I wish I didn't have to see my parents at all at my sister's wedding.

I wish none of this were happening and I wish my family weren't so fucked up.

Hopefully drinks and cake will make this all better.


Myron Davis said...

Who was on the title of the car?

Melissa Leeanne said...

My name and my dad's name. I already brought up the issue of liability. Apparently that's "petty" of me.