Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday - more like SUCKS DAY.

I woke up at a reasonable hour because I knew it was going to be a BUSY DAY!

When I went to the bathroom first thing I discovered that the toilet paper wasn't on the holder, actually the spring loaded cylinder that holds it there was nowhere to be found. Odd. When I went to make some eggs for breakfast I discovered a roll of toilet paper and the spring loaded contraption in the kitchen. When my roommate woke up I asked if he had been drunk. He said yes. OBVIOUSLY. When I mentioned the cylinder and some toilet paper being in the kitchen he said, "At least I didn't cook anything!" but when I looked at the stove there was a pan on the front burner, so he did cook something. Thank goodness the batteries are dead in all the fire alarms so I wouldn't be awoken in the middle of the night, right?

The real first order of business was to get the new printer working. Let me tell you, that took the equivalent of a full work day. I started on it at 9am and wasn't done until just after 5pm. Great. It involved downloading the stupid driver off the stupid website, having it NOT install properly, stalling at 33%, 70%, 86% after HOURS, having to shut down my computer by holding down the power button, then having to try to install again later in the day and having to restart the computer another two times. Finally. The printer is hooked up. By that time I already had people at the office opening. More on that in another paragraph.

Spending a zillion hours on the computer troubles meant I had almost zero time for real preparations like printing signs for the office, printing off petitions, making signs to point people in the right direction, making some invitations, inviting some people in some of the environmental groups... ugh. It also stressed me out like mad. I also had very little time to get the refreshments and snacks for the opening, so I had to take a cab from the grocery store to get all the stuff to the office. Then I had to run back home and grab the printer and my computer and run back to the office. Then I had to go to the bar to steal some ice and two chairs. That's right, I didn't have chairs in the office. The only thing in the office by the opening? Two desks. People sat on the floor. The campaign boss suggested that the office opening was really important and that it shouldn't be cancelled or postponed. I hope that everyone was impressed with my non-profit chic and that they weren't disgusted that they had to sit on the floor while they drank off-brand soda and ate pre-sliced fruit and smoked salmon spread on crackers.

The turn out wasn't terrible. In about two "waves" I managed to have 13 or 14 people cycle through the office. I gave my speech twice, not that I had a speech prepared, I was so busy making sure I had stolen chairs and had some food to keep people's mind off the fact that the office had nothing but two desks in it that I didn't really prepare something to say. Then when it was speech time I rattled off facts about clean energy and how great it is (all true!) and talked about how much I love Alaska (also true!) and pretended like I was totally prepared for anything (totally not true!). I had a couple people offer to do canvassing this weekend, though it was probably just to placate me.

Oh, and to top all this off. On top of being stressed about the computer trouble and the office opening and the grocery shopping and the lack of chairs and having to talk to a group of people about this job that I nearly know nothing about - I determined that today would be the day to talk about where we stand. You know what I mean. Boyfriend moves across the country and you still like him and he still likes you but is there a future and even if there is, is it worth doing long distance and blah, blah, blah. I didn't want to come off as a crazy chick (which I did anyway) so I told him I was going to write him a letter (which I did) and I am pretty certain that I could have put this whole issue off until another day. But why not get all my stressing out done in one day? Right? It's economical.

Now I'm going to stop being insane and stressed. I'm going to make my friday comic and then go to bed.

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Myron Davis said...

Sorry I didn't make it... I was planning on it but I ended up with "stuff" after work happening and on my way over there I ran into someone and I never managed to make it.