Monday, August 17, 2009

There's something about Melissa.

Working at the bar I see a lot of patrons. Some of the patrons are my friends, some are friendly strangers, others are a little strange. Sometimes there are people in the bar who aren't patrons. Sometimes there are people who want to play the free pool, drink water and hit on the bartender without a tip.

I was playing pool with Mr. T when a scrawny hotel resident wandered down. He looked like the type who would just pass through, but instead he was the type who wanted ice. Apparently the icemaker in the hotel is broken? There is one somewhat toothless guy who always leaves a dollar or some change when he gets ice but this guy asked for ice and then said he'd be down later.

Great. A return visit from a guy who takes his free ice for granted.

I was playing pool with Mr. CP when he returned. I went back up to the bar and asked the guy if he'd like a drink. He asked for water. I poured him a glass of water and Mr. CP and I finished our game. I told the guy that the table was free if he wanted it. He just sat there drinking his water and trying to talk with people. Everyone was wary because, well, he was a resident of the hotel who seemed to be drunk, possibly, or a little on the crazy side, perhaps, or on meth. He asked if I wanted to play him and I declined, announcing that I was a terrible pool player. He didn't seem to mind but I ignored the offer and told him I wouldn't be playing. Then he asked everyone else. Then he went off to sulkily play pool alone.

Eventually I had to kick him out because he began being contrary with real customers, arguing that they couldn't talk negatively about someone or something. I suggested that he go back upstairs and he got defensive about my request, I had to phrase my request a little more strongly and he turned around, obviously upset. Then he turned around and asked, "What, are you GAY?"

Oh, and apparently when I had turned down his challenge to play pool he pouted as he walked away and said, "I wanted to play with her."

I'm breakin' hearts left and right.

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Myron Davis said...

awww :( That guy was probably waiting his entire life for that day to meet you, and you ruined it for him!