Sunday, August 9, 2009

Northward Ho!

I've returned from a mini vacation!

We left Friday afternoon on the Malaspina (slow) ferry from Juneau to Skagway. We arrived in the evening and stayed overnight in Skagway, walking around and having a drink at the Red Onion, which had live music but not a whole ton of people. The next morning we explored a bit more before driving to Whitehorse and stopping at various vistas along the way.

Perhaps this trip would best be recounted in photos.

In Whitehorse we walked around the city center (centre) and grabbed a bite to eat before heading out to the Takhini hot springs. This particular hotsprings was not as lovely as the one Mr. CP described having visited in Costa Rica, but it was pleasant nonetheless. We later went back into town and grabbed a drink at the only open bar we found and then headed home to get some sleep.

Today mostly involved getting up, getting ready, and getting out of Whitehorse and back to Skagway in time to catch our flight back to Juneau. We stopped many other places along the way to take pictures, have a bit of a picnic, and release some creative energy.

Mr. J made some music, I twisted some discarded wire into farm creature shapes, and Mr. CP took countless photos. Miss A and I waded into Emerald Lake and found our feet coated in marl, the muck that makes the lakes so lovely in color. I think I dipped my feet in three different bodies of water in the Yukon.

The flight back was great - I was worried that it would be unsettling to the stomach since I've heard that small aircraft can be a bit rocky, but it was a lot of fun, a beautiful trip, and the pilot made the smoothest landing I've ever experienced ever - on any plane.

Now it's back to normal, working, cell phone reception, Juneau...

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