Monday, August 24, 2009

The Lonely Crowded West

Last night the place was PACKED. I think I had seen it full of more people before, maybe the moustache party, but last night was still a really big night for the bar. It was host to the birthday potluck and drinking for Mr. B and Miss S and both are very well liked. It was great to have a crowd to keep my mind off of things - keeping busy is key. It was not so great since I was still in recovery mode from the night before and not even a greasy fried late lunch/early dinner with Miss M was cure enough for that boozy residue on my day. It was almost a relief (so counter-productive) when everyone left. But then after I had pulled the place together a little more I was greeted with another wave of people and more friendly faces. It was a more manageable crowd until the end of the night when I grew concerned that I might have to break up a fight between an old Jersey boy and a sassy New York lady. When you get a manly man and a woman who doesn't take shit from anyone and add alcohol to the mix, things can get a bit... sassy.

Jersey boy thought that Miss NY was challenging him to a fight and a Jersey boy will have none of that, and Miss NY is not one to let a man act like he can do anything better because he's a man... Luckily Miss NY shared that she thought women who fought were trashy and the situation was diffused. Jersey Boy actually fell head over heels for Miss NY after all was cleared up and tried to convince me to call her after she had left. She'd have had none of that.

Speaking of interesting people to wander into the bar, the vampire slayer was back tonight. I didn't have friend or boyfriend to diffuse the situation either, so I ended up listening to him talk about his dream of opening a restaurant that served beer, chicken wings and celery. I probably shattered his dreams when I informed him that the most popular restaurant in town served both of those items, among other things. Without finishing his glass of ice water, he took leave, but not without stating that he'd see me tomorrow. Lucky me, I won't be working.

Today Miss E and Mr. K dropped by shortly, and Mr. T spent a good bit of time here, we had pizza and played some pool. Miss A and Mr. E were in as well. And the Boss dropped by. And really, for much of the night I was not alone. I talked to Mr. CP briefly tonight and he commented that I had my friends, so he hoped that I wouldn't be lonely, but I had my friends all along PLUS him, so perhaps I was just spoiled. I was perfectly content with my life without him before. But now I'm a big ol' mopey mess. I thought about quitting my job all day, about moving someplace new, about being a professional artist, about going to law school, about giving up on doing anything and moving home (but that would never ever happen). It's annoying to have something happen, some change that makes your life afterward seem incomplete, so that all that there is to do is look for something to fill that void.

Who votes for sex, drugs and rock'n'roll?

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