Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm kind of a big deal.

Look! I am hanging out with a couple senators!

Before the farewell to Mr. CP, I went and brushed elbows with some big names in democratic politics in Alaska - it was a good crowd of people and I'm pretty sure this photo was chosen for the office opening because of the photogenic nature of my chins and me, not because it was some senator on senator hugging action.

Too bad the photo wasn't taken after I was given this lovely necklace that I'm wearing right now - I'm sure it'll be in future photos.

Later I cooked a nice vegetarian dinner with a main dish that was not pasta - I was looking at recipes on line and you'd think that all there was for vegetarians to eat was pasta. I made bell peppers stuffed with chick peas, mushrooms, halved grape tomatoes, garlic and feta drizzled with olive oil, paprika and oregano. The side included the remaining chick peas, tomatoes and mushrooms with big cous cous. I also steamed some asparagus with one of these and some olive oil and garlic for flavor. Delish! Then there was a little ice cream for dessert - I thought I picked up the pom-choc-chip combo but ended up with amazon valley chocolate which was not bad.

Then we hit the Alaskan and the Bergmann for Mr. CP to say some final farewells to the darkest and wood-covered-est bars in Juneau and their faithful patrons and dedicated barkeeps. The Alaskan was quiet (rather empty) and the Bergmann was loud (not crowded but populated with actor-types) and aside from me being on the patron side of the bar, it was not dissimilar to many other nights spent in the Bergmann. The Boss and I were talking about doing a 20's speakeasy theme (since we sort of already have the speakeasy part down) and I suggested that the bartenders ALWAYS dress like the 20's, but I don't know if everyone would go for that sort of thing.

And today is CRAFT-A-PALOOZA with Miss E for our upcoming birthday party! The theme is retro-futuristic and I worry that she and I may be some of the only folks fab enough to dress up, but that doesn't mean we won't put our all into it. I actually bought a mini sewing machine and have high hopes for our costumes. Gotta do some research and sketching right now to come up with a good costume design. Be prepared, there will be photos.

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