Sunday, August 2, 2009

Good riddance to bad rubbish...

No, I'm not writing about Sarah Palin quitting governorship.

My (ex-)roommate is in the process of moving out. It's been rough for a couple reasons. She's lived in the apartment for nearly 5 years. That's a long friggin' time. In those five years a lot of junk and a lot of damages have accumulated. I guess that's what happens when you and all your friends are in their twenties and frequently drunk or high.

I got less than a month's notice that she'd be moving in with another friend of ours, so that made things hard enough. That leaves me in a predicament for one major reason. Rent money. Were our landlords interested in doing everything by the books, were I well versed in laws and procedures related to leases and rentals and all that jazz, maybe I wouldn't have ended up spending basically all of my most recent paycheck paying a month's higher rent BY MYSELF. But alas, $1000 was mailed in the form of a cashier's check on Friday. Mr. L will be moving in, but he has to deal with finding a replacement roommate for the man house, leaving me high and dry until he has his crap taken care of. His landlord has actually offered me some advice and some help, should I need it. Thank goodness for Miss D.

Anyway, long and possibly boring rant cut short: The house has some... issues. Stains and a broken window and possibly deadly black mold. Since much of this has nought to do with me, I am wont to take on the financial responsibility in the form of losing out on MY deposit. I have to figure a fair way to do it, but I am having the landlord over to have a walk through of the house so I am not penalized for everything. Savvy? Yes. I'll be researching and rehearsing the talk about terms.

The other big deal is that I seem to have "inherited" a lot of SHIT. This is not right. This is something I will not stand for. I have moved all of the SHIT into ex-roommate's old room until she can remove it. If she does not remove it in a timely manner, I will have to charge her, at the very least, a storage fee. Yeah, people pay for storage. If I have to figure a way to remove the crap on my own, I will have to deal with issues like dump fees, hiring a van, and disposing of a hazardous household material (a mini fridge). Somehow the ex-roommate thinks it is fair that I go with her to take crap to Salvation Army (none of that is mine) and that I go with her to the dump (not paying) and that I go with her to do recycling (which is fair). I know this is going to cause a little riff in our friendship, but hell if I allow myself to be burdened with all of this SHIT for the sake of being a laidback friend. Nope. Sorry.

I've started cleaning and organizing and moving things around and am happy to report that the apartment is starting to look less like a meth house and more like the crappy apartment of a couple poor twenty-somethings.

In other news, Mr. CP and I went on an adventure "out the road," visiting the end of the road, Eagle Beach, and a couple other scenic spots past the suburban "valley." After that adventure we attended the wedding of former roommate Miss L's (ex)stepdad and his now new wife. We only attended the reception, which is the best part anyway. We spent most of the evening hanging out with Miss L and her beau, formerly referred to as such silly names as Mr. Dreamboat or the first crush. He can now be referred to as something less high school - Mr. B. I made Mr. CP dance with me a bunch, he was a good sport, especially since I had dragged him to a wedding. What a good guy, right? Dating a month and a half and he tolerates weddings and dancing and he even helped me unpack some inherited kitchen stuff when Miss AG brought it over. Too bad he's leaving.

Lately I've been working on a story arc for the comics, a collaboration with Mr. CP who makes his own "comic." I am currently making a wall hanging with old CDs that were left behind. Rather than see them go to waste, I have decided to make some recycled art. It's looking like the theme for the art in the living room is sort of... teal blue. Maybe I'll make some pillows with that leftover material from the toga I made for Miss L back in the first winter/spring I was in town. Things are coming together - I should be able to salvage the friendship and trash the trash. Or recycle it.


Sharon said...

I know someone whose roommate also just moved out and left a bunch of shit. Definitely charge for storage. It's not your responsibility to get her stuff out! I'd set a definite deadline- say, the 15th to be fair (it's two whole weeks and exactly the middle of a month) and say if she doesn't move her things, you will get rid of them. All of them.

Also, have you ever used Freecycle? Is there one in your area? Or Craigslist "Free Stuff" is similar. Try using those to get rid of the shit.


Melissa Leeanne said...

Signed up for the Juneau freecycle group today! Might list things on there and craigslist if I must.

I don't really want to take responsibility for all of it though.

Myron Davis said...

The problem with freecycle is you have to catalog all of that stuff...

Might try a garage sale and collect money?

I hate junk...

Melissa Leeanne said...

Freecycle worked wonderfully! The refrigerator is gone and people had called about any other stuff I had listed as well. Plus I got some stuff donated for the office I'm working on opening.