Friday, August 7, 2009

Adventures Abound!

Somehow the greatest adventure (read: the most dangerous and challenging, not most exhilerating) has been trying to get the apartment in order. It's sort of unreal how different it looks when it is cleaned up and stripped of the Halloween decorations, posters, piles of junk, and all of my (ex)roommate's stuff. The before picture was something one might (if one was feeling particularly harsh in one's judgment) liken to a meth house - before or after the explosion? I am unsure. How was I living like this? Sheer stubbornness. Everyone has a threshold at which it is just TOO MUCH and I was bound and determined to let Miss J reach that threshold and clean the house on her own. That threshold was never realized, though there were some teasers: Once she cleaned out the toilet bowl, though not the rest of the toilet. And when her ex wanted to cook, sometimes the dishes would get done - most likely by him.

I never demanded that things be cleaned because I remember living with Miss L in the condo her parents rented to us. That was an extreme situation because it belonged to her mother who had taught Miss L everything about being neurotic but I was, for a time, relieved to have nobody telling me to clean while on an OCD rampage.

Here's hoping for balance in the next situation.

Other than cleaning, I started ANOTHER BLOG entirely devoted to a little art form called drabble. It's fiction in 100 words - no more, no less.

And other than that, despite laying low these days, I have managed to spend some time with friends and to catch a bit of live music, including a wedding reception with a live band last weekend. I made Mr. CP go with me (it required no arm twisting, luckily) and I drank copious amounts of champagne and made him dance, even. Poor fellow. Other adventures lately have included going to the beach, going out to the Thai restaurant (delish!) and finding swimsuits for under $5 each so we'll be prepared for this weekend.

And this weekend, we go to WHITEHORSE! Mr. CP, Miss A, Mr. J and I are hopping on a ferry this afternoon and heading to Skagway, where we'll stay overnight before we rent a car to drive to Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory of Canada. We'll stay overnight there, hopefully visiting the brewery and definitely making a trip to the Takhini hot springs. After spending some time in White Horse we'll drive back to Skagway and take a float plane back to Juneau. What fun! What history! What adventure!

And when I come home I can clean out the oven, which has that intense oven cleaner in it. When I tried opening it yesterday the fumes were so strong I had to run away to another room after promptly closing it again. Maybe I should open it before I leave, letting it air out with a window open... Or maybe when I come back all the air in my apartment will be toxic and I'll die. We'll see.


Sarah said...

that is NOT the same apartment!!

Melissa Leeanne said...

I know, right? I feel like I've moved someplace new... I've still got a lot of cleaning to do to get the kitchen and bathroom, etc. looking good. Look forward to a housewarming of sorts in the near-ish future.