Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Life in My Hands

When I was a freshman in college I joined a sorority. I don't think it is any big secret that we each got an ivy plant in a hand decorated terra cotta pot. But if it was, I totally just gave away the big secret.

I hope it wasn't some sort of symbolic plant, representing sisterly love and devotion - because I totally KILLED IT.

So, if you wikipedia ivy, you can read that it is considered an invasive weed in some areas because it will basically take over, killing other plants, etc. I killed it.

It was when I was living in a loft room with my freshman year roommate during the summer (it survived some months). We were having nice weather and I thought that my ivy plant might like some direct sunlight, because I'm not an effin' gardener and I thought that all plants love sunshine. Well, I fried my darling little ivy plant on the roof. I found it crispy and dead the next day. I tried to water it but the poor, desicated little thing was not coming back to life.

Today I bought a ficus elastica decora - or a rubber plant or something - and I am going to do my best to NOT kill it. I even googled care instructions. Apparently dogs and children might eat it and die but it is super easy to take care of, requiring not too much sunlight and probably once a week watering.

If dogs and babies required such little care, I might have some.

The goal is to have it in the office to make it look a little less bare, along with a clock radio so I can have background noise and know the time, and maybe I'll draw some nice pictures for the walls. We'll see.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Olympic Dating

Usually I try not to get all mushy but I'm pretty sure that I am not painting a complete picture without talking about this stuff at least a little.

Mr. CP and I started dating not that long after he arrived for his internship, I'd say we were friends for three weeks and then we were dating. And we dated for about two months. That's not really all that long, I guess. But he's a super great guy and basically scored top points in every category. If dating me were an olympic sport, he'd take home a record number of gold medals - we're talking Michael Phelps crazy gold medal earning.

I may have to admit that I'm weird and that categories might be proven in some of the following non-existent competitions:

Obscure music collecting: Has anyone else ever heard of it? Has anyone even heard of the genre? Is it possible that someone just recorded static? If you answered NO to the first two and YES to the third question, you will probably score really high.

Web-comics creation/appreciation: Do you read webcomics? Do you make webcomics? Do you like MY webcomics? If you answered yes, you will probably score really high.

Love of environment: When my sister was younger she loved bacon and when anyone would ask her what she loved more than _____ she would say "Bacon!" and if you ever asked her what she loved more than Bacon she would respond with "Bacon!" Somehow my sister is about as far from obese as you can get without falling through tiny cracks but the real point for this is that if you are going to love something more than me, the environment is probably the thing to love. I may be sort of resentful that the environment ranks higher, but not really. High points.

Genius level: You can be a lot of things, but if you aren't smart, you aren't going to keep my attention. I'm actually super turned on by guys who are smarter than me. The smarter the better. If you can run circles around me intellectually, pillow talk can be nuclear physics, whatever.

How left can you get without falling over: I am liberal and I like my men so left leaning that I have to stand on that side to prop them up. If picking you up for our next date involves unchaining you from a tree, I won't actually be too upset. As long as you bicycled there.

I'm exaggerating slightly, but only slightly. If you meet or exceed expectations in these categories I've probably already had an orgasm. That's why, for me, Mr. CP quickly won my heart. And now he's back in DC where he has a whole life.

I thought I would resume my life and my old ways in his absence, but certain things are sort of ruined. Like other guys. Last night I tried on a dozen outfits and decided in the end that I didn't really care and went out wearing a high cut cotton tee, a denim skirt, and the xtra-tuffs. I was swigging from a giant schooner of PBR. I was disinterested in most things and people, wondering when Miss B would show up. She didn't.

I got hit on. A bunch. It was crazy. I thought that it might be a good idea to have a scandalous whirlwind affair with this really attractive fisherman but you want to know what? I am still infatuated with Mr. CP and not even a cute guy buying me drinks, putting his arms around me and trying to kiss me was going to make me forget. So much for dating or even having mad affairs.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Check and Check.

It's already nearly the end of August. Almost 9 months into the "new year" which is so not new anymore.

My new year's resolution for 2009 was to get a job which supplied me with business cards. It is a simple thing, but a measure of success of sorts. If I am important enough to have business cards, I've done something with my life.

This morning I received a package from Anchorage from the campaign boss. The box included a bunch of glossy lit, a roll of stickers and a fairly large stack of business cards. Sort of.

On one side the card lists 5 ways to save the world (specific to my campaign) and on the other side it says "Your (campaign) Field Organizer is:"

Then there is a blank white space.

What I should do for a business card is make one for my comics page. I have been pretty dedicated to that and actually stayed up until three in the morning just to finish the comic last night. It's sort of offensive if you really love God and Jesus, but if you are a bit of a heathen like me or if you aren't terribly sensitive you can probably stomach it. It probably also isn't that great for young kids.

I find that it comes up in conversation now and then and that people want to know where to find it - I then have to search for a pen and a large enough scrap of paper to write the whole url.

Tonight is Miss J's pun party. I have been having a hard time coming up with a costume idea. Even my excuse that I'd use if I didn't have a costume is really terrible. Ideas include a cool cat, a dog-eared page, and saying "no pun intended."

I really need to get a life.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday - more like SUCKS DAY.

I woke up at a reasonable hour because I knew it was going to be a BUSY DAY!

When I went to the bathroom first thing I discovered that the toilet paper wasn't on the holder, actually the spring loaded cylinder that holds it there was nowhere to be found. Odd. When I went to make some eggs for breakfast I discovered a roll of toilet paper and the spring loaded contraption in the kitchen. When my roommate woke up I asked if he had been drunk. He said yes. OBVIOUSLY. When I mentioned the cylinder and some toilet paper being in the kitchen he said, "At least I didn't cook anything!" but when I looked at the stove there was a pan on the front burner, so he did cook something. Thank goodness the batteries are dead in all the fire alarms so I wouldn't be awoken in the middle of the night, right?

The real first order of business was to get the new printer working. Let me tell you, that took the equivalent of a full work day. I started on it at 9am and wasn't done until just after 5pm. Great. It involved downloading the stupid driver off the stupid website, having it NOT install properly, stalling at 33%, 70%, 86% after HOURS, having to shut down my computer by holding down the power button, then having to try to install again later in the day and having to restart the computer another two times. Finally. The printer is hooked up. By that time I already had people at the office opening. More on that in another paragraph.

Spending a zillion hours on the computer troubles meant I had almost zero time for real preparations like printing signs for the office, printing off petitions, making signs to point people in the right direction, making some invitations, inviting some people in some of the environmental groups... ugh. It also stressed me out like mad. I also had very little time to get the refreshments and snacks for the opening, so I had to take a cab from the grocery store to get all the stuff to the office. Then I had to run back home and grab the printer and my computer and run back to the office. Then I had to go to the bar to steal some ice and two chairs. That's right, I didn't have chairs in the office. The only thing in the office by the opening? Two desks. People sat on the floor. The campaign boss suggested that the office opening was really important and that it shouldn't be cancelled or postponed. I hope that everyone was impressed with my non-profit chic and that they weren't disgusted that they had to sit on the floor while they drank off-brand soda and ate pre-sliced fruit and smoked salmon spread on crackers.

The turn out wasn't terrible. In about two "waves" I managed to have 13 or 14 people cycle through the office. I gave my speech twice, not that I had a speech prepared, I was so busy making sure I had stolen chairs and had some food to keep people's mind off the fact that the office had nothing but two desks in it that I didn't really prepare something to say. Then when it was speech time I rattled off facts about clean energy and how great it is (all true!) and talked about how much I love Alaska (also true!) and pretended like I was totally prepared for anything (totally not true!). I had a couple people offer to do canvassing this weekend, though it was probably just to placate me.

Oh, and to top all this off. On top of being stressed about the computer trouble and the office opening and the grocery shopping and the lack of chairs and having to talk to a group of people about this job that I nearly know nothing about - I determined that today would be the day to talk about where we stand. You know what I mean. Boyfriend moves across the country and you still like him and he still likes you but is there a future and even if there is, is it worth doing long distance and blah, blah, blah. I didn't want to come off as a crazy chick (which I did anyway) so I told him I was going to write him a letter (which I did) and I am pretty certain that I could have put this whole issue off until another day. But why not get all my stressing out done in one day? Right? It's economical.

Now I'm going to stop being insane and stressed. I'm going to make my friday comic and then go to bed.

Small Town Life

Today was an exempary day in small town life.

After the conference call I treated my friend Miss T to a birthday brunch at Paradise Cafe, where the lovely Deering ladies were working. Afterward I completed some things at home before heading to hopefully borrow the Boss' truck. The truck was unlocked but I couldn't find the keys. Instead I called Mr. L and borrowed his truck. I went to the Catholic Church in the valley to pick up a couple desks which were donated for the office and had the help of a younger guy to load them into the pickup. Unfortunately the tailgate fell open and the little end table was lost - a woman in another car alerted me that something was amiss, but by the time I made it back (there aren't too many turns out in the valley) the thing had already been picked up. On the way back downtown I stopped at Fred Meyer to pick some stuff up, on the way out I ran into a friend of mine who asked me out sometime soon. Then he saw some other guy he knew and we all chatted for a few minutes before we all parted ways. As I walked toward Mr. L's pickup, Ms. S drove by to remind me to drop by the store to pay for the dress I still had to pay for. I ended up having to go to Wal-mart to buy the printer, and luckily I didn't see anyone I knew there and nobody I knew saw me there - though I've just admitted to it. After all this I went to the office and managed to flag down a bicyclist to help me move the desks. He was just in town visiting and I offered to buy him a beer for his help. We met at the hangar and had a pint, talking about how nice Juneau is, how friendly people are, and how the day had turned into a beautiful one when the sun came out.

I've got no complaints.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Even though I've started a new campaign job, I'm still working a bit at the bar. Usually that's not a big deal because I work at the bar on the weekend and work on the campaign during the week. Sure, it means working pretty much every day, but a girl has got to make some money.

Yesterday the Boss called to ask if I could cover that night because Mr. B was sick, or out Thane or something. I explained that I had to do call time (4 hours of hell) and he asked if I could do it from the bar. I thought about it and agreed that it would work out. The bar tends to be pretty quiet until after 8, and on certain week nights, it can be quiet or even empty on any given night.

So, the bar was my office and I called and talked to people and left telephone messages and poured drinks and saved the world, simultaneously. Yep, I am amazing. One regular barfly had had a bad day and was drinking away his sorrows, only to mysteriously disappear without paying his tab and with a non functioning card holding his tab. This would probably be concerning in a city with a large population and any sense of anonymity, but in Juneau I know I will probably see him in the next week, assuming he didn't drown in a puddle. I also know that the owner of the bar is his lawyer, so money will change hands. I am just annoyed I didn't get a tip.

As a bartender there are a number of ways that you are taught to tell if a person has consumed enough/too much alcohol. Things with catchy names like tri-podding or simple things like slurring. As time goes on, you discover that there are many other signs that a person has imbibed too much. One of those signs is when a person goes from normal intelligent conversation about literature into talking about their criminal record and their inability to last longer than two minutes during sex. Now, I had never had any desire to have sex with this patron, but after that admission, the likelihood went from a whopping .oo1% to a definite ZERO PER CENT chance unless I've unknowingly consumed copious amounts of rohypnol. I'm pretty sure the criminal record was just drunk driving and assault, and not sexual assault, though. So I'm not worried.

Through out the night I managed to consume some alcohol myself, a couple shots of whiskey and a few beers. Enough that the Boss and I blasted some hip hop and sang along. Enough that I told him that I miss Mr. CP. Enough that I decided that going to bed while still wearing clothing was a great option. I think Mr. CP was a really good influence, judging by my lower alcohol tolerance.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Lonely Crowded West

Last night the place was PACKED. I think I had seen it full of more people before, maybe the moustache party, but last night was still a really big night for the bar. It was host to the birthday potluck and drinking for Mr. B and Miss S and both are very well liked. It was great to have a crowd to keep my mind off of things - keeping busy is key. It was not so great since I was still in recovery mode from the night before and not even a greasy fried late lunch/early dinner with Miss M was cure enough for that boozy residue on my day. It was almost a relief (so counter-productive) when everyone left. But then after I had pulled the place together a little more I was greeted with another wave of people and more friendly faces. It was a more manageable crowd until the end of the night when I grew concerned that I might have to break up a fight between an old Jersey boy and a sassy New York lady. When you get a manly man and a woman who doesn't take shit from anyone and add alcohol to the mix, things can get a bit... sassy.

Jersey boy thought that Miss NY was challenging him to a fight and a Jersey boy will have none of that, and Miss NY is not one to let a man act like he can do anything better because he's a man... Luckily Miss NY shared that she thought women who fought were trashy and the situation was diffused. Jersey Boy actually fell head over heels for Miss NY after all was cleared up and tried to convince me to call her after she had left. She'd have had none of that.

Speaking of interesting people to wander into the bar, the vampire slayer was back tonight. I didn't have friend or boyfriend to diffuse the situation either, so I ended up listening to him talk about his dream of opening a restaurant that served beer, chicken wings and celery. I probably shattered his dreams when I informed him that the most popular restaurant in town served both of those items, among other things. Without finishing his glass of ice water, he took leave, but not without stating that he'd see me tomorrow. Lucky me, I won't be working.

Today Miss E and Mr. K dropped by shortly, and Mr. T spent a good bit of time here, we had pizza and played some pool. Miss A and Mr. E were in as well. And the Boss dropped by. And really, for much of the night I was not alone. I talked to Mr. CP briefly tonight and he commented that I had my friends, so he hoped that I wouldn't be lonely, but I had my friends all along PLUS him, so perhaps I was just spoiled. I was perfectly content with my life without him before. But now I'm a big ol' mopey mess. I thought about quitting my job all day, about moving someplace new, about being a professional artist, about going to law school, about giving up on doing anything and moving home (but that would never ever happen). It's annoying to have something happen, some change that makes your life afterward seem incomplete, so that all that there is to do is look for something to fill that void.

Who votes for sex, drugs and rock'n'roll?

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I can't justify sitting around and moping, though it's a lot of what I've been doing the past couple days. I'm at that stage (which I am going to assume is common) at which everything reminds me of that certain someone. I see a band play and think, 'we danced to them before.' I look at a pool cue and think, 'We used to play pool together.'

I survived another birthday party, though I haven't made it to the birthday yet, so we'll see how 23 ends. So far my 23rd year has been a good one. There will be pictures because Miss E and I looked fabulous in our retro-futuristic costumes. We had shiny lame' dresses, hand made, and bouffant hair, hand teased. The hair was sort of Brigitte Bardot. The shiny dresses were sort of 50's or 60's futuristic. I was impressed with the number of people who did dress up and how good they looked! It was all very shiny and just wonderful. Then I got drunk off three or four drinks and have no idea what took place, though at 1:30, Miss E tells me, I was wondering why I wasn't home already.

But like I said, I can't justify all this moping because I can think of a few people who are going through much tougher things. I'm all sad because Mr. CP has gone back to DC and I miss him but I found out that my favorite teacher in high school has been going through chemotherapy for cancer. And on a more relatable scale, Miss M and her boyfriend of over a year just broke up. I think we'll go with the misery loves company thing and hang out and drink together. In any case, I shouldn't moan and groan and be sad, I should work on the comic, read, write, work, craft, clean my house... I have better things to do than mope!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Here I Go Again On My Own

I totally finished off that pint of ice cream. Oops.

I decided that the best thing to do, far better than moping at least, would be to go out and drink. And dance. And smoke cloves... So, maybe not the best thing to do for my health, but perhaps best for my sanity.

Deering and Down was playing, which is always great. Miss L and Mr. B showed up, numerous other friends were there. I spent much of the evening chatting with a former crush, mind elsewhere. Uh oh.

Yesterday and today = Craft-a-palooza with shiny, shiny lame, a cheap sewing machine that doesn't function properly, and possibly spray paint. Exciting stuff. Retro-futuristic party later tonight. Something tells me Miss E and I may be the only people in costume. We'll look damn good.

What's something that will put me in an instant good mood? I need that. Now. And I need it to last through the night.

It should not be another pint of ice cream because I need to fit into that shiny costume.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm kind of a big deal.

Look! I am hanging out with a couple senators!

Before the farewell to Mr. CP, I went and brushed elbows with some big names in democratic politics in Alaska - it was a good crowd of people and I'm pretty sure this photo was chosen for the office opening because of the photogenic nature of my chins and me, not because it was some senator on senator hugging action.

Too bad the photo wasn't taken after I was given this lovely necklace that I'm wearing right now - I'm sure it'll be in future photos.

Later I cooked a nice vegetarian dinner with a main dish that was not pasta - I was looking at recipes on line and you'd think that all there was for vegetarians to eat was pasta. I made bell peppers stuffed with chick peas, mushrooms, halved grape tomatoes, garlic and feta drizzled with olive oil, paprika and oregano. The side included the remaining chick peas, tomatoes and mushrooms with big cous cous. I also steamed some asparagus with one of these and some olive oil and garlic for flavor. Delish! Then there was a little ice cream for dessert - I thought I picked up the pom-choc-chip combo but ended up with amazon valley chocolate which was not bad.

Then we hit the Alaskan and the Bergmann for Mr. CP to say some final farewells to the darkest and wood-covered-est bars in Juneau and their faithful patrons and dedicated barkeeps. The Alaskan was quiet (rather empty) and the Bergmann was loud (not crowded but populated with actor-types) and aside from me being on the patron side of the bar, it was not dissimilar to many other nights spent in the Bergmann. The Boss and I were talking about doing a 20's speakeasy theme (since we sort of already have the speakeasy part down) and I suggested that the bartenders ALWAYS dress like the 20's, but I don't know if everyone would go for that sort of thing.

And today is CRAFT-A-PALOOZA with Miss E for our upcoming birthday party! The theme is retro-futuristic and I worry that she and I may be some of the only folks fab enough to dress up, but that doesn't mean we won't put our all into it. I actually bought a mini sewing machine and have high hopes for our costumes. Gotta do some research and sketching right now to come up with a good costume design. Be prepared, there will be photos.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bragging Rights

Forgive me, reader(s), for being a big ol' sap. I promise it won't happen again. Not for a long time at least. I have to brag and say that I have a wonderful boyfriend. But those bragging rights are about to expire because he's leaving town, headed back to DC to continue with his life and studies. He isn't leaving without making it very difficult for me to find someone to fill those shoes, though.

I'd like the world to think that I gagged and possibly threw up a little in my mouth when I opened my front door to find him wielding a dozen roses upon his arrival to take me to a romantic dinner at the nicest restaurant in town. I didn't. I had a big dumb grin plastered across my face.

Dating is going to be rough for a while after this. It'll be even tougher when I get fat off all those pints of decadent ice cream I was talking about.


Apparently a romantic gesture like buying roses isn't a big enough deal, so more was done and now it's going to be really hard to replace this one. He left early this morning and I anticipate I'll start the missing later today. Feel free to gag at my gushy post.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vampire Hunters and Politicians

So, the lonely pool player I mentioned has an even more interesting story. I forgot to relay the tale told by Mr. CP. While I was chatting with a couple other patrons Mr. CP wound up engaged in conversation with the guy. The patrons and I were talking vampires in the media - you know - True Blood and Twilight. I watched the first season of True Blood on DVD in a matter of days. Two days. Possibly less than 24 hours split between two days. It's embarassing. But I don't stand behind Twilight. Perhaps because I think it is a less than subtle euphemism for abstaining from sex until marriage. And how could that turn out well?

But I digress. The guy overheard this and apparently began the following exchange with Mr. CP:

"Have you seen Underworld?"
"The movie about vampires?"
"Yeah. I used to do that."
"Fight vampires?"
"Yeah. But I quit 'cause I wanted to start a family."

Apparently, Mr. Lonely is a retired vampire slayer (I thought they were always 16 year old girls - but that just proves I am a huge geek and anyone who knows exactly what I'm saying is, also) and is apparently looking for love in all the wrong places. Like at the B-Bar when I'm working. I have some standards, buddy. No shirt, no shoes, no service for drinks and no college degree, no motivation, no dates for relationships.

And speaking of politicians. I didn't see any today, but I did stop by Senator B's Juneau office today to chat with some of the staff. It was a nice little chat, talking about what I'm doing (I'm kind of like a lobbyist, but the poor grassroots kind) and what they are all doing. Tomorrow is an open house, which I'll be attending. I wonder if Senator B will be there as well... that would be pretty sweet.

And in other news, I survived being on the verge of death for the whole weekend plus some time and am now feeling much better. I was feeling terrible enough to want to kill people and so terrible even that I couldn't kill someone despite the desire. Tonight Mr. CP and I are going to have a fancy dinner, probably our last big night out before he ditches me to go back and finish law school and continue his life. You know how I mentioned getting soft? Well, I'll be stocking up on chocolate, pints of decadent ice cream, wine - maybe vodka - or whiskey - sobby romantic movies, whatever it is that girls use to cope with this crap. I'm not one to get heartbroken, but I am not going to leave things to chance. If I'm going to be a big ol' mess over a dude, I'm going to be prepared so I don't have to go to the market in sweats wearing giant sunglasses because my eyes are puffy and red. Especially since I ran out of contact lenses a year ago and if I wear my big sunglasses I'll be pretty much completely blind. Pair that with 'blind with grief' and I won't make it through the day. The headlines will read - Woman, 24, Blind with Grief, Actual Blindness, Struck by Tour Bus Full of Octogenarians.

Weird. I'm not 24 yet. I just called myself 24. I've got less than a month to go, but apparently I've adopted my new age prematurely because it's so juvenile to say that I'm 23 and 11/12ths. Hey, mid-twenties, nice to meet ya.

Monday, August 17, 2009

There's something about Melissa.

Working at the bar I see a lot of patrons. Some of the patrons are my friends, some are friendly strangers, others are a little strange. Sometimes there are people in the bar who aren't patrons. Sometimes there are people who want to play the free pool, drink water and hit on the bartender without a tip.

I was playing pool with Mr. T when a scrawny hotel resident wandered down. He looked like the type who would just pass through, but instead he was the type who wanted ice. Apparently the icemaker in the hotel is broken? There is one somewhat toothless guy who always leaves a dollar or some change when he gets ice but this guy asked for ice and then said he'd be down later.

Great. A return visit from a guy who takes his free ice for granted.

I was playing pool with Mr. CP when he returned. I went back up to the bar and asked the guy if he'd like a drink. He asked for water. I poured him a glass of water and Mr. CP and I finished our game. I told the guy that the table was free if he wanted it. He just sat there drinking his water and trying to talk with people. Everyone was wary because, well, he was a resident of the hotel who seemed to be drunk, possibly, or a little on the crazy side, perhaps, or on meth. He asked if I wanted to play him and I declined, announcing that I was a terrible pool player. He didn't seem to mind but I ignored the offer and told him I wouldn't be playing. Then he asked everyone else. Then he went off to sulkily play pool alone.

Eventually I had to kick him out because he began being contrary with real customers, arguing that they couldn't talk negatively about someone or something. I suggested that he go back upstairs and he got defensive about my request, I had to phrase my request a little more strongly and he turned around, obviously upset. Then he turned around and asked, "What, are you GAY?"

Oh, and apparently when I had turned down his challenge to play pool he pouted as he walked away and said, "I wanted to play with her."

I'm breakin' hearts left and right.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

She's gone soft.

Some might accuse me of going soft. That's right. SOFT.

Where's the casual flirting, Melissa? Where's the sarcasm? Where's the tough girl attitude, Melissa? Where is our bitter single friend?

Don't worry, guys, bitter single Melissa is due back in town any time now. About the same time Mr. CP is due to leave town. Then you can expect more jokes about vomiting when couples do cute things, more angling for free drinks from guys, more Melissa out with the girls...

You may have missed bitter single Melissa, but I must say, it has been a nice, much needed vacation from bitter single-tude.

Oh, and that's what I've been doing lately, spending all my time being SOFT. That and listening to NPR 24/7, working two jobs, and lately having some sort of flu or cold.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Northward Ho!

I've returned from a mini vacation!

We left Friday afternoon on the Malaspina (slow) ferry from Juneau to Skagway. We arrived in the evening and stayed overnight in Skagway, walking around and having a drink at the Red Onion, which had live music but not a whole ton of people. The next morning we explored a bit more before driving to Whitehorse and stopping at various vistas along the way.

Perhaps this trip would best be recounted in photos.

In Whitehorse we walked around the city center (centre) and grabbed a bite to eat before heading out to the Takhini hot springs. This particular hotsprings was not as lovely as the one Mr. CP described having visited in Costa Rica, but it was pleasant nonetheless. We later went back into town and grabbed a drink at the only open bar we found and then headed home to get some sleep.

Today mostly involved getting up, getting ready, and getting out of Whitehorse and back to Skagway in time to catch our flight back to Juneau. We stopped many other places along the way to take pictures, have a bit of a picnic, and release some creative energy.

Mr. J made some music, I twisted some discarded wire into farm creature shapes, and Mr. CP took countless photos. Miss A and I waded into Emerald Lake and found our feet coated in marl, the muck that makes the lakes so lovely in color. I think I dipped my feet in three different bodies of water in the Yukon.

The flight back was great - I was worried that it would be unsettling to the stomach since I've heard that small aircraft can be a bit rocky, but it was a lot of fun, a beautiful trip, and the pilot made the smoothest landing I've ever experienced ever - on any plane.

Now it's back to normal, working, cell phone reception, Juneau...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Adventures Abound!

Somehow the greatest adventure (read: the most dangerous and challenging, not most exhilerating) has been trying to get the apartment in order. It's sort of unreal how different it looks when it is cleaned up and stripped of the Halloween decorations, posters, piles of junk, and all of my (ex)roommate's stuff. The before picture was something one might (if one was feeling particularly harsh in one's judgment) liken to a meth house - before or after the explosion? I am unsure. How was I living like this? Sheer stubbornness. Everyone has a threshold at which it is just TOO MUCH and I was bound and determined to let Miss J reach that threshold and clean the house on her own. That threshold was never realized, though there were some teasers: Once she cleaned out the toilet bowl, though not the rest of the toilet. And when her ex wanted to cook, sometimes the dishes would get done - most likely by him.

I never demanded that things be cleaned because I remember living with Miss L in the condo her parents rented to us. That was an extreme situation because it belonged to her mother who had taught Miss L everything about being neurotic but I was, for a time, relieved to have nobody telling me to clean while on an OCD rampage.

Here's hoping for balance in the next situation.

Other than cleaning, I started ANOTHER BLOG entirely devoted to a little art form called drabble. It's fiction in 100 words - no more, no less.

And other than that, despite laying low these days, I have managed to spend some time with friends and to catch a bit of live music, including a wedding reception with a live band last weekend. I made Mr. CP go with me (it required no arm twisting, luckily) and I drank copious amounts of champagne and made him dance, even. Poor fellow. Other adventures lately have included going to the beach, going out to the Thai restaurant (delish!) and finding swimsuits for under $5 each so we'll be prepared for this weekend.

And this weekend, we go to WHITEHORSE! Mr. CP, Miss A, Mr. J and I are hopping on a ferry this afternoon and heading to Skagway, where we'll stay overnight before we rent a car to drive to Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory of Canada. We'll stay overnight there, hopefully visiting the brewery and definitely making a trip to the Takhini hot springs. After spending some time in White Horse we'll drive back to Skagway and take a float plane back to Juneau. What fun! What history! What adventure!

And when I come home I can clean out the oven, which has that intense oven cleaner in it. When I tried opening it yesterday the fumes were so strong I had to run away to another room after promptly closing it again. Maybe I should open it before I leave, letting it air out with a window open... Or maybe when I come back all the air in my apartment will be toxic and I'll die. We'll see.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Good riddance to bad rubbish...

No, I'm not writing about Sarah Palin quitting governorship.

My (ex-)roommate is in the process of moving out. It's been rough for a couple reasons. She's lived in the apartment for nearly 5 years. That's a long friggin' time. In those five years a lot of junk and a lot of damages have accumulated. I guess that's what happens when you and all your friends are in their twenties and frequently drunk or high.

I got less than a month's notice that she'd be moving in with another friend of ours, so that made things hard enough. That leaves me in a predicament for one major reason. Rent money. Were our landlords interested in doing everything by the books, were I well versed in laws and procedures related to leases and rentals and all that jazz, maybe I wouldn't have ended up spending basically all of my most recent paycheck paying a month's higher rent BY MYSELF. But alas, $1000 was mailed in the form of a cashier's check on Friday. Mr. L will be moving in, but he has to deal with finding a replacement roommate for the man house, leaving me high and dry until he has his crap taken care of. His landlord has actually offered me some advice and some help, should I need it. Thank goodness for Miss D.

Anyway, long and possibly boring rant cut short: The house has some... issues. Stains and a broken window and possibly deadly black mold. Since much of this has nought to do with me, I am wont to take on the financial responsibility in the form of losing out on MY deposit. I have to figure a fair way to do it, but I am having the landlord over to have a walk through of the house so I am not penalized for everything. Savvy? Yes. I'll be researching and rehearsing the talk about terms.

The other big deal is that I seem to have "inherited" a lot of SHIT. This is not right. This is something I will not stand for. I have moved all of the SHIT into ex-roommate's old room until she can remove it. If she does not remove it in a timely manner, I will have to charge her, at the very least, a storage fee. Yeah, people pay for storage. If I have to figure a way to remove the crap on my own, I will have to deal with issues like dump fees, hiring a van, and disposing of a hazardous household material (a mini fridge). Somehow the ex-roommate thinks it is fair that I go with her to take crap to Salvation Army (none of that is mine) and that I go with her to the dump (not paying) and that I go with her to do recycling (which is fair). I know this is going to cause a little riff in our friendship, but hell if I allow myself to be burdened with all of this SHIT for the sake of being a laidback friend. Nope. Sorry.

I've started cleaning and organizing and moving things around and am happy to report that the apartment is starting to look less like a meth house and more like the crappy apartment of a couple poor twenty-somethings.

In other news, Mr. CP and I went on an adventure "out the road," visiting the end of the road, Eagle Beach, and a couple other scenic spots past the suburban "valley." After that adventure we attended the wedding of former roommate Miss L's (ex)stepdad and his now new wife. We only attended the reception, which is the best part anyway. We spent most of the evening hanging out with Miss L and her beau, formerly referred to as such silly names as Mr. Dreamboat or the first crush. He can now be referred to as something less high school - Mr. B. I made Mr. CP dance with me a bunch, he was a good sport, especially since I had dragged him to a wedding. What a good guy, right? Dating a month and a half and he tolerates weddings and dancing and he even helped me unpack some inherited kitchen stuff when Miss AG brought it over. Too bad he's leaving.

Lately I've been working on a story arc for the comics, a collaboration with Mr. CP who makes his own "comic." I am currently making a wall hanging with old CDs that were left behind. Rather than see them go to waste, I have decided to make some recycled art. It's looking like the theme for the art in the living room is sort of... teal blue. Maybe I'll make some pillows with that leftover material from the toga I made for Miss L back in the first winter/spring I was in town. Things are coming together - I should be able to salvage the friendship and trash the trash. Or recycle it.