Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Week of Not Much

I haven't updated in a week. Weird, right? If it weren't for my twitter updates people might have thought I was dead. I haven't had the internet in that long and I really haven't been doing much that would warrant an update anyway.

It's been a mellow week including some time in the sun, some time with friends, and time with the BF.

I've also been spending time trying to find a new roommate since my roommate is ditching me for her BFF and her child. I need a roommate badly. I've asked about 5 people and received only maybes for answers. The person most excited about the prospect has a cat, so that may not work out, plus she is apparently neat. That might cause her some unnecessary stress.

I don't have much to say about life and what's been going on - there's been no drama, no ridiculous excitement, nothing major.

At the last craft brunch I discovered that I, though a horrible crochet-er, am creative enough to supply the market with a delightful product. I'm spending a lot of my time making hats with ears and monster faces. Pretty awesome. The original goes to my sister's baby when it is born.

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