Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Kids on the Block and 98 Degrees

Boy bands of the past or descriptions of my life? BOTH!

On July 3rd I learned that I'd be getting a new neighbor and a new roommate.

Sarah Palin said it again:

She has ditched her post for who knows what reason. I think it was possibly a very selfish decision, but I'm still thrilled that she will no longer be the governor of our fine state, which Vanity Fair considers to be more like a third world country.

My roommate has also decided that she'll be moving into a place with her best friend of a zillion years who recently had a baby but broke up with the father. I think it might also have something to do with everyone else in the entire building being sort of noisy during the evening and night time hours when she is sleeping to get ready to work at the coffee shop. In any case, I need to find a new roommate for the months of August and September for sure. Hopefully a friend of mine from College will move up to Alaska and live with me starting in November.

My roommate told me today that I had to e-mail two references to the landlord. One from a former landlord - I'll have to talk to Miss L's mom. The other from my boss because she is concerned at whether I'll be able to pay rent. Which is a legitimate concern if I don't get another roommate.

Luckily, I may have the answer to my financial woes! On July 3rd I caught up with an acquaintance who works at a firm I applied and interviewed at. I didn't get the job. She mentioned that the girl they did hire resigned after a month so I decided I would extend a proposal (a couple of lawyers I know thought it was a great one): I will work for one week without pay and without obligation, if at the end of that week I have proven myself, I should be hired, if not, I will move on. The response was pretty positive. I think that it demonstrated moxie and gumption, things we don't often talk about these days, perhaps because they aren't so common these days. The response was that the proposal was an excellent one and that the perseverance I've demonstrated is admirable. Due to scheduling, the terms will be discussed in early August. Hopefully I'll also hear back about a job for which I applied a couple weeks ago. Thanks to the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the mine and against clean water the organization has been sort of busy.

And about the heat? It's been ridiculous. I moved to Alaska because I was desperate wasn't a fan of hot weather, not because I wanted the weather to be in the high 80's or 90's. It's been hot and sunny for the past several days and I have been enjoying it as long as I am drinking a beer on the deck overlooking the channel, paddling around in a dinghy out at Sunshine Cove, sitting on the docks during fireworks or while watching people jump into the channel (but not while a terrible Christian rock band performs), eating gelato or popsicles, at bonfires, etc. I have not been enjoying sweating and getting sunburns. Sunday was a hot day spent at the waterfront both on the docks at at the Hangar, though I had to work during the evening. Mr. CP got back to town and came to see me, which made the evening a pleasant one. Monday was beach day though, my roommate, some friends and I went out to Sunshine cove with some single person rafts and food and spent hours paddling around and soaking up the vitamin D we so lack. We also went to the Twisted Fish for dinner and drank some beer and had some light fare. And later in the night a bunch of people went out to False Outer Point to hold a bonfire in honor of Miss P's last nights in town before she heads to Arizona. Today couldn't really compete on the fun scale, but on the heat scale it was pretty comparable.

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