Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Muses

Saturday night was so slow at work. I was actually doing my best to coerce people to drink. Sunday was much better, however, since Miss MM was playing!

The past few days haven't been terribly eventful, as I've been working during the evenings. I've mostly been spending a lot of time with Mr. CP and some time with my roommate.

She's declared tomorrow packing day. I bet myself $20 that she doesn't get it done. If she does, like Farva, I'll lose $20 TO MYSELF.

I'm sad to point out that I didn't have a high quality comic last Friday. That being said, I think that the world can look forward to a nice story arc coming up. I was lamenting my lack of inspiration to Mr. CP and he mentioned a short story he had written quite a while ago that might be turned into a good comic. I gladly accepted the invitation to collaborate and have started working on the project. So far I have the titel page and one panel.

I might have a roommate lined up. Mr. L might come live with me (for the third time) and ditch the man-house he is living in now. The nice thing about living with Mr. L is that he is pretty relaxed but not a complete shit show. And since he has a girlfriend I am not too worried about random skanks.

I'm getting settled into the new job these days. I just got an e-mail detailing the benefits. It's pretty exciting to have that to look forward to. I can get my eyes checked, schedule a dental appointment, and not freak out completely at the idea of visiting a doctor. It's also nice to know I can look forward to regular pay that I can have deposited directly into my bank account, rather than having to constantly hunt down my employer and his checkbook when I am desperate to pay my rent and bills. Speaking of such things, it's about that time again.

Did I mention that Miss J bought season 1 of True Blood and that I watched the entire first season in less than 24 hours? Uh oh. I crocheted 3 or 4 hats while watching. It's probably got no real merits but it was certainly engrossing.

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