Saturday, July 25, 2009

I need to win millions of dollars...

If I blog it, it will be?

The last post detailed in brief my need of a real job with real benefits. Lo and behold, I am now the holder of a job with benefits. Not that I've given up on serving tending bar. I now ALSO have a respectable day job. Assuming you respect saving the environment, which I do.

In honor of this job, I have purchased an Acer Aspire netbook and am typing away on this baby as we speak. It is so tiny and cute - something women seem to adore. It was CHEAP and I am sorry to say I bought it at Walmart because some woman (possibly a plant) told me they had a better deal than at Costco. What can I say? I'm poor.

It weighs less than 3 pounds and is, because it is less than several years old, a zillion times faster than my Dell Inspiron hunk of plastic and silicon bits. Mr. CP and I picked it up today and I'm enamored with the little thing.

In other and possible more interesting news, I've spent the last two nights dancing to the music of Spoonshine, a band out of Anacortes, WA and also saw this really indie adorable band out of Michigan. They wore capes.

I also saw my 5th JUMP Film Festival since living here and have to brag that my friend Mr. PD is AMAZING at what he does. And check out the AK Robotics site to see some shorts they've done. Speaking of AK Robotics, Mr. PR, Mr. MW, Mr. CP, some high school kid and I are going to probably start some geeky comic club. Also, Mr. PR was featured on Scott McCloud's blog - if you know who he is you are also a big geek but will totally appreciate that my friend is now basically a celebrity.

I also just alerted the world that Miss ER and I are having our birthday party in August. Check it out on facebook if you are from Juneau. It'll be brilliant.


Myron Davis said...

Did you get the aspire D250? That was the one I was looking at... but I broke down and picked up a mini9, ($183 w/ shipping to alaska).

I just browsed the aspire D250 online and drooled for a while, and then ending up going with the cheaper (by over 100 dollars) mini9.

When I get back up there I wouldn't mind seeing it....

Melissa Leeanne said...

I bought the Acer Aspire 1 with the 10.1 in screen - just picked it up in person. The cheapest available, it was $300. Works great and is super cute. You should check it out when you are back.

By shopping online or whatever you did it definitely looks like you got a better deal, but I needed mine right away.

You get back to town soon, right?