Monday, July 20, 2009

I need a job with REAL benefits...

Usually my life isn't terribly exciting. Neither is my job. Every now and then we'll have some busy night that fills my pockets with tips and keeps me on my toes. A lot of the time I am sitting around blogging, looking for other jobs, crocheting hats, reading novels or playing pool alone.

Sunday was really slow. Then as the night neared a close something crazy happened. One of the regulars came in with a stripper. She wasn't immediately recognizable as a stripper. But then she took off her clothes and performed what I would call a professional routine. She had very few tan lines and large fake breasts. I know. She grabbed my hands and had me feel them. There's not much that really needs to be said in detail, but it was an interesting end to the night and entirely unexpected. And sort of strange.

I had a phone interview today for a campaign job. It has potential. Part of me wants to say yes if only because I know I can get it and that is some guaranteed money in my pocket. It's also better than sitting around and waiting for other things. And it is pretty relevant to the direction I've been heading. It would probably let out in time for me to work for the legislature (trying AGAIN) and I've heard there are a couple openings for some appealing positions. I have been waiting to hear about another job but am feeling less and less confident as I didn't even receive a return e-mail to my last message sent. Things seem to be coming to a head - I should have it figured out, at least temporarily, by mid August, if not sooner. Cross your fingers!

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